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Booster Deck - Needs improving

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Ok, so I'm really new to this game. I've been a KH fan for a good couple of years but just got into the TCG/CCG. Most people would say:


"Hey SecretRare! If you wanna get into the KHTCG I say you get a Kingdom Pack or a Starter Deck, then improve and tweak it!"

But then I'd say:

"Well, I live in the UK. There are very few shops that even Stock KHTCG and they can only get Booster packs imported in".

So I've had to make this deck from boosters, enjoy and please tell me how to improve it:



Riku – Level Two

X3 Donald Duck LV.1
X3 Donald Duck LV.2
X1 Donald Duck LV.3
X3 Goofy LV.1
X3 Goofy LV.2
X1 Goofy LV.3
X2 Ariel LV.3
X1 Yuffie LV.2

X2 Bambi LV.3
X3 Dumbo LV.2
X2 Dumbo LV.3
X2 Dumbo LV.4

X1 Oogie Boogie

X3 Air Soldier (LV.2)
X1 Stealth Sneak (LV.4)
X2 Behemoth (LV.5)

X1 Oathkeeper*
X1 Soul Eater
X3 Pumpkinhead

X2 Cure

X1 Disney Castle LV.1
X2 Traverse Town LV.1
X2 Traverse Town LV.2
X2 Traverse Town LV.3

*I just love Oathkeeper, it's my fav Keyblade.

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its not bad but 48 cards is kind of alot.  im not sure what other cards you have that you could put in but if i were to make any suggestions i would say drop 1 goofy of each level and the 3 pumkinheads.  its 5 cards gone which is almost an entire draw hand which i would say is pretty good.  i would suggest just watch what your playing and if you find yourself never playing certain cards drop them. an example is if you are constantly holding a magic friend or sumthing and you dont generally have the magic user then drop the magic or get more magic users. 

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