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Force user advancement thoughts

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I am fully aware that this games allows and actually encourages people to mod the rules to best suit their needs. To create a "house rule". If a rule or idea comes from a podcast, and incorporated into a game, that is still a house rule. It is not part of the official publication or errata. Even when Jay Little and Sam Stewart says you can do this or that, it would still be a house ruling. That optional rule would not be allowed in tournament play. So using "ADVICE" from a podcast is not 100% RAW. 


If I have a player who owns the CRB, and creates a character around said rules, thinking this is how the game will operate, then I change the rules on him mid-game is pretty jacked up in my opinion. For example, going with this topic, he uses move to pull a gun from someone. He has all the appropriate talents and abilities. He rolls the Force die, gets his two light pips, he thinks he succeeded, but then I tell him, nope,  you still have to roll Discipline vs. his Discipline. !?!?! I as a player would be like WTF!?!? Even after if the GM told me after the game, thats how it would be. I would feel very slighted. 

If a character had a build going to improve armor and weapons, but I told him he can never apply the bonus to his armor, that is my right as a GM, but is still pretty F'ed up if he didn't know it from the beginning. If a player is playing by the rules, and the GM feels that they (GM) is not winning enough, so changes the rules to make things harder on the PC, then that is seriously wrong. I have stated in this thread that I am now very excited to see my force user gain a rating of +2 and +3. 

When I read that using Dedication to bring up Brawl will not have an effect on Wound Threshold, my first thought was, well, I'll change that. But why do I need to change it? Do I put so little stock in this game that I can make it better? The developers put that in there for a reason. Yes, I am free to change it, but is the reason good enough. Now if a player buys Dedication expecting the WT to go up, I can refer him to the page explaining it does not. Perhaps he should have read the rules better. 

Yes, if I am the GM, I can do anything I want. I can have people shooting a blaster also need to roll a Discipline check, or they pass out from shooting another living being, or I can say that while using a doing Mechanics, you also need to roll an Agility check to use the fine tools...I can also have a Grudge Death Star just come blow up the universe my players are in too. To change the rules to penalize your players is about the worst thing a Game Master can do. That does not win the boards for anything. It shows a callous individual who will cheat to get their way, when the players are not doing what he wants. 

Some of my originals questions were about the powers and how they operate inside the game world. When people start throwing out their versions of rules, that does not really help in anyones understanding of said rules. People on this thread started talking about what if rules, how they should have been done. I asked people to refrain from that subject as it has nothing to do with my topic at hand. 

Yes, I understand that I have the power GOD in my games, but changing the rules just to change them or to "punish" a player or to teach them a lesson is advice I don't really need or want. 

Are you being willfully obtuse?

Nobody has suggested that you arbitraily make changes to the rules to punish a player. That is an absurd conclusion to draw. I think just about everyone has suggested that you talk things out with your player to reach a solution together, and offered some suggestions on tweaks you could consider to smooth over the issue you brought to the forums. No one said you should start trying to punish your players just because you have the power to as a GM.

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