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Tantive IV in Yet Another Squad Builder

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Figures.  The day before I leave for a freaking cruise, the Tantive IV gets revealed with all kinds of fancy bits that require extensive code changes to implement.
So I'm not gonna!
Instead, I've added the new cards, but note the following caveats:

  • The Fore and Aft parts of the CR90 are completely unrelated. You can have just one or the other.  We don't know how they're going to work yet, anyway...
  • "Limited" cards aren't limited at all. So you can put two Tibanna Gas Supplies on the same CR90. (Cheater.)
  • They finally added a second upgrade card that shares the name with a previously existing one (R2-D2). So you can have R2-D2 chillin' in a CR90 while also riding along with Biggs.

Once I'm back from nautical adventures I'll look into correcting these.  Sorry!
Builder link in my sig!  Arr.

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