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dead jawa

Printing problems

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I'm someone who likes to print a copy of a game's manual, to read and study for more involved games, and keep the original manual in the game box. It means I don't get the game manual all beat up or lost. However, I'm having some problems printing the Descent manuals.


First off, I go to the local library for this. They have an amazing full color laser printer that I'd never spend that much money on. I've got a black and white Brother laser at home for simpler jobs. Frequently, I'll print multiple pages per sheet to cut down on paper and expense. However, I've tried multiple ways to print the Descent manual as multiple pages per sheet but every time the text winds up spotty, like it's over-miniaturized and pixelating.


I assume it's due to the color background, as I've printed plenty of plain texts this way perfectly readably. I've Printed As Image and not, I've tried Simulate Overprinting, and I've let the printer determine colors and not. Is there a way I can print the game manual at 2 pages per sheet and still have all the text legible? Is there a toner-saving version of the manual that doesn't have the background at all?

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