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alternative final battle rules - give me your ideas!!!

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hello to all investigators

for the record, i'm austrian, so forgive me bad language!!!

our group is playing arkham horror for half a year now with 4 expansions - king in yellow, black goat, dunwich horror

and dark pharao

one thing we didnt like from the very beginning is that after an exciting and tough game comes a very boring dice rolling game aka final battle

so i was searching for an alternate ending or rule that makes the final battle a bit more exciting and arkhamish... and found nothing than epic battle cards from kingsport horror.... not satisfying enough...

so we made our own rule...

and here it is

once the ancient one awakes, all investigators that lose their stamina or sanity are out of the game...

every investigator who is in an other world travels back to arkham and recieve an ?discover? mark (sorry, dont know the english name for it)

the main game is not gettimg stopped by the awakening!

the onl thing thats different ist that after the mythos is another upkeep an the battle against the ancient one...




encounter other world


final battle

as a result you have to finish two things now to win

win the final battle

and close either all gates or seal 6 gates

we have just tested this version of the final battle with glaaki and abhoth

with these two it works

i dont know about ancient ones who fight with different checks... bur maybe just give them a maximum like fight check +1 in the first round and down to a maximum of fight check -4... didnt figure it out till now

we figured out this house rule not because its to easy to defeat the ancient one in final battle!

we just prefer to lose proud over win in a dice roll playing game!

looking forward for some new ideas or your opinion about that!

thanks , sven

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There's an interesting variant on how the game could end designed by Amikezor, quite a long time ago:



if you have patience and willingness you can find all the required components on his photobucket.

Hope this sparkles some good ideas :)





As a side note, variants, alternate rules and questions about the fan creation world should be posted in the specific forum, here. Sorry for being picky, but some people follow that forum and will give you a greater feedback, and those who follow only the main forum won't probably be happy to receive e-mail notifications for threads about variants. No biggie, just sayin'

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sorry for posting it in the wrong forum!!!!

maybe someone can push it in the right one, please?

the end of time sounds interesting!

thanks for that!

but there has to be a way without have further more game material in play

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