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[Custom Mission] Rebel Assault

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I am happy to share a mission I’ve imagined. Critics are welcome, because I have played it only twice, and I have never written missions or rules before. I am sure it can be rewritten in a more concise and precise style (English isn’t my first language).


Notes :

I tried to represent the fact that turbolaser towers have a hard time targeting small fighters, and that they are very hard to destroy without heavy weapons or missiles.
I added restrictions to the list building for thematic reasons. It seemed to make sense for the rebels to send fast fighters to destroy the imperial artillery and keep the heavier ships intact for the bombing run on the station. The imperials are taken by suprise, so only ships used for regular patrols would be there.


[Mission] : Rebel assault


The rebel fleet is about to launch an attack on an imperial base. A squadron of the fastest and most agile rebel fighters tries to destroy the heavy turbolasers towers defending the base to allow the cruisers and bombers to approach their target. The regular TIE patrol is taken by surprise and will do it’s best to hold until reinforcements arrive…


Setup :


Rebel : 120 points (A-Wings, X-Wings, 0-1 YT-1300 only)


Imperial : 65 points (TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors only)


Place one turbolaser tower at range 2 of the center of the imperial edge. Then, two more towers on each side of the first one, at range 2. Place two power nodes between the towers at a range 1 of the imperial edge.
The imperial player deploys his ships within 2 of his table edge and assigns one stress token to each.

The rebel player then places his ships within range 1 of the opposite edge.


Special rules :


Turbolaser towers :


Turbolaser towers are stationary units and have the following stats :


Pilot Skill : 0

Attack : 4

Agility : 0

Hull : 4

Shields : 0


The imperial player may choose the orientation of the tower in the activation phase.

During the combat phase, the turbolasers may fire. Their attack value is 4, and the range is 2-5. Place one (or two) range ruler(s) at the tip of the laser cannons. The first ship whose base is touched by the ruler is the target of the attack, following the normal rules. Range modifiers do not apply.

To represent their heavy armor, only <crit> results from primary weapons deal damage to turbolasers. Secondary weapons, with exception of the Ion Cannon and Ion Cannon Turret, deal damage on <hit> and <crit> results. Turbolasers are not dealt damage cards. Use appropriate tokens to keep track of damage. If a turbolaser tower receives two ion tokens, it may not turn during the next activation phase.


They are treated like ships in case of collision.


Power nodes :


The power nodes have the following stats :


Agility : 2

Hull : 3


Reduce the attack value of all turbolaser towers by 1 for each destroyed power node.



Objectives :


Rebel victory : destroy three turbolaser towers


Imperial victory : destroy all rebel ships

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Those turrets are mean. Can they take actions?


Thematically, the heavy batteries were meant for engaging capital ships, meaning they had a harder time hitting a fighter but really packed a punch when they did. This might be better represented by an attack value of 2 that deals two damage for each hit not evaded.

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This might be better represented by an attack value of 2 that deals two damage for each hit not evaded.

Their range is also a concern. 5 range? Won't that cover most, if not all, of a 3x3 playing mat?

How about this:

Any ship at range 3 or closer will automatically gain a free focus token or evade token (if evade is on the ship's action bar, defender's choice), when targeted by the turret. This should replicate the effect of distance making it easier for the turret to hit the fighter, but as the fighter closes in it's maneuvers make the fighter harder to hit.

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So, a Range Ruler and a 5-Forward. Most of the board, yes. I actually don't have that much of an issue with that, as they still are stuck turning in 90* increments and have mediocre offensive potential (or, at least, they should against fighters). Maybe an additional two green die for each range band beyond R3.

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