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Saber Squadron vs Rouge Squadron

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Last night I played a game against a friend and without planning to do it we basically did a rouge squadron vs saber squadron duel.  It was awesome.


My List:


Saber Squadron + VI

Saber Squadron + PtL

Saber Squadron


His List:


Red Squadron

Red Squadron

Rookie Pilot


I usually play Imperials and showing up to the table with the same number of ships as my opponent and none of them having more than 3 hull almost sent me into a panic attack.


Push the Limit + Stealth Device combined with some defensive flying made Soontir almost impossible to hit.  He didn't take a point of damage all game.  And He drew a ton of hate.  Mostly I was lucky that the stealth device never went away.  4 agility and an evade token is pretty hard to hit.


The game was such a blast.  X-wings were definitely more resilient, but the Interceptors were harder to hit.


I loved playing the Interceptors because I really felt like they reward good game play.


R2D2 was awesome on Wedge.  I seemed to only ever put one point of damage on him and then R2D2 would just heal it.


In the end it came down to Soonter vs a Red Squadron Pilot.  With my superior dial and PtL I was able to never let the X-wing get another shot against me.

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