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Requestion resources too run 'an eye for an eye'.

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So I am new to the game and after playing the tutorial session with my brother we are getting the hang of this game. so far we are having fun.

I aim to run an eye for an eye for him next and I have myself drafted up a more detailed map of the lodge etc.


Some things that I feel would make this go smoother are :


-some way of better tracking the numerous npcs.portrait cards , tokens etc?

- some form of clue cards.


is there any resources made by the fans out there or tips for making this run as smooth as possible.


thank you.


also the title is supposed to be requesting :/

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Hello and welcome! There are several helpful resources for this module over in the Game Master section, including the Clue Cards you're looking for. Some of the links may be broken but if you dig around a bit you'll find them. If they're completely missing at this point let me know and I'll see what I can do about making my copy available.

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