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Isador Martellus

UK West midlands duo looking to join a group !

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Hey there! 

Me and a friend of mine are currently looking for a Black Crusade group who would be willing to have 2 more players join their ranks :D 
We have both been GM's and Players in games with each other, but we have never both been players (me or him either Gming whilst the other is playing) and we would love the opportunity to try out this little tag team we have developed together :D 

We are both 18 respectively, and both have experiences playing Deathwatch and Warhammer Fantasy RPG (Me GMing just deathwatch and playing Fantasy , him GMing both Fantasy and Deathwatch, whilst also playing in the later):

We have both spent yesterday making these 2 characters respectively:

My Friend being an alpha leigion champion : Hatred. Cold, Unrelenting Hatred. These are the words best used to describe the Chaos Marine known as Charon. As masterful at deceiving his enemies just as much as he is at killing them, Charon embodies the ideals of the Alpha Legion, from whose blasphemous ranks he hails. Although much time has passed since the Horus Heresy, the utter contempt that the weakness and tyranny of the Imperium inspires in Charon has not left nor even faded from his being and it is this drive for vengeance that causes him to act. Like many Alpha Legionnaires infiltration and deceit are his specialty and Charon has already formed cells of operatives and cults to sow terror and destruction on the worlds he has visited and they will certainly not be the last. It is in forming these groups that Charon came upon Jargon. A renegade Tech-priest, the two formed an unholy alliance of sorts and have continued to plague Imperial space since. While the usefulness of Jargon is undisputed, Charon considers their bond situational at best and will carry out his mission no matter what stands in his way. He will destroy the Imperium, bring ruin to its corrupt leaders and bring its rotten walls crashing down around their heads...

Whilst I am Jargon: a heritek whom has fallen into the lap of this champion whilst on the run from imperial officials since segregating himself from the adeptus mechanicus in hopes of finding great and powerful archeotech which will break the stagnation that has befallen the servants of the omnissiah... Hoping that the Champion's exploits will lead him in the direction of the ancient tech he so desperately wants (Not to mention the fact that the Champion's legion class power armour itself has given him reason enough to stay in his company, if only to get a closer look at such a marvel of technology in action) he aids the Champion as much as he can, from keeping his gear in a good state of repair to providing crucial information about the more specific natures of the universe (having an extensive knowledge of Chymistry and Numerology respectively), Jargon (and his trusty servo skull he smashed together from the bits and pieces he found lying around the various scrap heaps he resided in before meeting (insert name here)) has proven himself to be a valuable asset time and time again to his new master, and hence forming a loyal, whilst sometimes quite rocky, bondship between these two unlikely partners and, with each other's cooperation, Jargon hopes this is the start to a long and fruitful career of possible chances of proving to the short sighted mechanicus that the only way forward is to embrace the technology of old, and merge it with the generous and rewarding powers of the warp.... 

If anyone is out there GM'ing or looking to GM a game of Black Crusade, Know there are 2 RPG loving players just waiting to be given a chance to prove themselves :D 

Thanks for reading,
Many Regards, 
Isador :D 

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