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Make it happen Capn, or a tale of two shuttles.

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Just a quick talk of X wing victory. Last evening, I was involved in a 2 v 2 space battle. Fighting for the one true government of the galaxy, my ally and I were running the empire, our list, there about was.


My team mate, Capt Jonus, Homing Missile.


Scimitar Squad, with Cluster missile and concussion.


Boba fett, with expert handling, assault missile and Rebel captive.


I was running


Omicron Buzzsaw Buffalo


Capt Kagi with Engine upgrade and Sensor Jammer


Vader with Engine upgrade


We played Vs and I'm just going off top of my head.


Luke with R 2, shield upgrade and proton torp.


Dutch with ion cannon


Gaven X wing with not sure but he had a few things.


Arvel and Tycho both with some form of missile ( There is a reason I don't remember what they were as you read on. )


Ten numb barebones. I think was about all of it.


Deployment is pretty much where this game was decided.


As team Empire we had fett and vader, pulling a super best friends and baby sitting the bombers, while the shuttles deployed on the other side of the board and facing towards the bombers.


Team rebs followed with tycho on the side of the bombers, a smattering of ships in the center to have to navigate the asteroid field and luke with ten numb on the far side across from the shuttles.


This allowed out left empire flank to progress slowly, as the shuttles took off flying across our back edge to leave luke and ten numb out of the fight for awhile and strung out as those albino buffalo can really fly fast with those after market engines.


Seeing the full fight of the operational empire space fleet crashing down on him, tycho tried to really book it towards the center of the asteroid field, but not without the buzzsaw bison stripped his two shields.


We were able to hold up the albino space beasts just entering the asteroid field for about 3 turns with bumps and grinds had by all. Which allowed an open fire lane for them, no sweat, however leaving the buzzsaw getting the brunt of the fire as its fire control system left the rebs reeling with the pounding it was dishing out.


Kagis pull of the target locks was suitably annoying to the rebs, who were focusing more and target locking less, all of the missiles and torps they launched failed to strip even a single shield or inflict even one damage against us. The sensor jammer having stopped at least 3 hits threw the battle as well as using up focuses at least to force damage through.


Vader with boost and just being Vader, was enough to draw a lot of fire, so much fire he draw, as well as the Buzzsaw. Fett ended up completely untouched at the end of the game and all the bombers fired their missiles as well as Fett with his assault with did hit gaven and then splash on dutch and luke.


The game was fought over a very long time period, went around 2 and half, 3 hours with a lot of maneuvering with short range shooting once we came to grips with each other.


Game ended with Fett, still untouched, and Kagi with his full 5 hull left. The final action leading to the end being Luke trying a K turn, which put him right in the sights of the Albino Walrus of scrambling, and with fett having turned around to come back for him. All so he could finish off that scimitar pilot bomber.


Luke kept up his greens as he tried to stay alive with both shuttle and fett riding his rear. With a 3 bank, Fett landed in front of luke,, Kagi flying in and bumping Luke, Luke moved then bumped Fett with Kagi then able to take a very close range shot.


Kagi opened fire, and he landed 2 hits and 2 crits. Luke had 1 shield left and he'd taken a hit to his hull before. Lukes luck then wore out as his rolled just 1 evade, the last hit stripping his shield with the two crits sending luke and the most annoying R2 to the stellar scrap yard.


All in all a brilliant victory for the forces of the Empire. Especially since we'd knocked out 3 of their ships before we lost even one of ours.


Which while Shuttles are capable in smaller games, I do think they excel in Larger point lists more then in simple 100 point gatherings. The more I use Kagi, the more I think him with Sensor Jammer is something to savor, drawing target locks and forcing used focus on him, all works well with supporting more maneuverable craft and lead to him perhaps not being the last ship left.


Though of course there were multiple times I would have loved an advanced sensor or FCS on board, though I as well may have just savored a gunner had I the points for it.


Hope even with how haphazard I wrote this battle report up someone enjoys it, as it was quite an epic struggle to go through. However it seems like my space battles always are.

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I'm glad Kagi got some use and he's a beast with the Sensor Jammer. :)


I've got an itch to chop-shop a Lambda into a Palpatine's Theta-class shuttle from Episode III (which is piloted by Kagi), and field two V-Wings TIE Fighters with Shield Upgrades alongside him.

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I've actually been pretty happy using Kagi. He's not the similar set up as most of my shuttles but drawing target locks off my other ships, and forcing them to use their focus on him if they want to not miss hits, it pleases me. Though I miss the advanced sensors or the Fire control system.

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