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Back from Dead - Encounter II

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Hi, i have some doubts in Back From Dead Encounter II.

1 - If i have only the Green Token in my OL area, Hulldyr moves 3 ?
(2 from Green + 1 from " Hulldyr may only perform 1 move action " ??

2 - Activating  Hulldyr is the FIRST thing that i MUST do in the beggining
of my OL turn ? Or i may try for example Curse some hero with a goblin
first and then activating the Red Token for  Hulldyr get the 1 extra point of moviment

because have a hero cursed ?

3 - Lets say a hero is in front of Overgrowth, then he try pass through.
And the token beside is Green , he test knowledge and he fails.
That Hero has 4 Moviment Point. If he want, he can spend all his moviment
and try four times pass the test ? And more four times if he uses
the other action to move ? Can he use stamina to move more points
and try more times ?

3 -  Hulldyr can move through objetive token ? Or finish his moviment in one ?


4 - Hulldyr blocks line of sight and moviment ?

5 - The heroes have a Runemaster with blast, think is much hard
for the OL win the Part I, some OL have some advices for Part I or part II ?
The Runemaster have a Rune Plate ( with black die, i think this armor
is overpowered, aniway ) , the others are a Beast Master ( with Shadow Hunter ) and a Tresaure Hunter.

English is my second language,sorry for any mistake.

Thanks !

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