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critical hit question

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Under most circumstances you only draw a damage card when the damage consumes your shields and actually damages your hull.  You draw a face up damage card when a crit gets to your hull, otherwise you draw a face down damage card.


If the face up damage card says it counts as 2 damage, then treat it like 2 damage cards.  If you have the same number of damage cards or more as your hull, the ship is destroyed.


Each facup card does count as 1 damage card on your hull, unless it counts as 2.


Rarely do you draw damage cards when you still have shields left.  Proton bombs are one major exception.  For those, you apply damage cards outright, according to the proton bomb card - it isn't expressed as 'damage', but simply applying face up cards.  If the face up cards determine that you have zero hull left (they apply to hull, NOT shields), the ship is destroyed.


I think I got that right, please correct my wording otherwise.

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You do NOT actually suffer "hull damage" rather any time you suffer a hit/crit that is not cancelled by evasion dice or negated by Shield dice you are dealt a damage card.  When cards = hull the ship is destroyed and it doesn't matter if the cards are face down or face up (crit) EXCEPT for the Direct Hit card which counts as two cards when it is face up.

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Just wanted to add, and clarify the sequence for you.


1. if you get hit with a crit OR a regular damage, apply it to your shields.  Don't draw cards, just remove the shield token.

2. If you have no shields left:  then draw a face down damage card for each regular hit

    and a face up damage card for each crit.

3.  Face up and face down cards count as hits against your hull.

4.  The direct hit card when face up, counts as 2 hits to your hull.

5.  When you have the same or more cards as your hull value, remove your ship.


e.g.  you are in an x-wing---you have one face down card, and a face up direct hit crit card.  you have 3 damage

        to your hull, and you are now exploded.

        OR, you have any combination of 3 face up or down cards, you are also dead.

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