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Battle after retreat

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I've looked in the Rulebook, but haven't found anything about my case.
The team A attacks the team B. Team A loses and had to retreat to its previous location (with no other unit on it).
The team A's units are now routed and are attacked. The manual say : "After retreating, all retreated units are placed on their sides to signify they are now routed. Routed units provide no Combat Strength, but still count towards a player’s supply limit."
Here comes my question:
Can retreated units ask for support and "fight" with a family card or is this battle is loosed by forfeit?





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From the FAQ, page 3:


Q: Does marching a player’s units into an area

containing only enemy routed units result in a combat?


A: Yes.



So, yes, combat is normal in all aspects (Playing a House Card, asking for Support, using Tides of Battle Cards) - but the routed units have a combat strength of 0.

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