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Star Wars rule for Silhouette

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Was thinking of working in the Star Wars rule for Silhouette, here is what I have so far. What you guys think?


Silhouette is used to determine scale between two objects or characters to determine difficulty in hitting. Silhouette's range from 0-10, with 0 being something smaller than 2 feet, 1 being something smaller than a man, like a gnome or goblin, 2 being the size of a man, and so on. When targeting something with a silhouette smaller or larger than your own, modifiers come into play.
3 smaller = 2 purple  and anything over 3
2 smaller = 1 purple
1 smaller = 1 black
0 smaller = no modifier
1 larger  = 1 white
2 larger  = 2 white
3 larger  = 3 white
And so on...
Common Silhouettes
0 - Apple, hand, snake
1 - Goblin, Gnome, child, boar, wolf
2 - Man, average beast-men, average skaven, dwarf
3 - Orc, larger best-men, larger skaven, chaos warrior, giant spider, horse
4 - Ogre, Fen Beast,gryphon, Ogre sized skaven, 
5 - Arachnarok Spider. 
6 - Giant, dragon,
7 - Beast of Fauligmere
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