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When exactly are you uncommitted form a quest?

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If you are questing with Thalin, and after you quest you place your tokens and flip the quest card. This is still the quest phase and before the travel phase. So if the quest card or another card like cave tourch adds a new enemy.. dose it get the wound from thalin?

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This is a YES, but with a NO, type situation. Drawing a card is not "revealing"... and there are separate defined meanings for "reveal" and "when revealed" it is kind of convoluted... but here is what I think your talking about.



While Thalin is committed to a quest, deal 1 damage to each enemy as it is revealed by the encounter deck.


Manual Page 14

Characters committed to a quest are considered committed to that quest through the end of the quest phase, unless removed from the quest by a card effect


The Cave Torch says ADD to the staging area.. NOT "reveal" to the staging area.


Cave Torch

Forced: After Cave Torch exhausts, discard the top card of the encounter deck. If that card is an enemy, add it to the staging area


So for starters no keywords resolve, like surge or doom or guarded or w/e.. also Thalin's ability dose not trigger as it only activated on cards as they are revealed. So.. even if you use cave torch inside the quest phase, thalin will not wound.


BUT... lets look at some quest cards, that I assume you are also talking about, even though you didn't mention them.


Into the Pit - 2a: Goblin Patrol

When Revealed: Each player must search the encounter deck and discard pile for 1 enemy of his choice, and add it to the staging area. One choice must be Patrol Leader, if able.


The.7th.Level - 2a: The Fate of Balin

Forced: At the end of the staging step, reveal the top X cards of the encounter deck, adding all enemies to the staging area. Discard the other revealed cards without resolving them. X is the number of players.


So.. you see where I am going here. Quest Cards resolve instantly interrupting everything the very moment their win condition is achieved, usually after placing tokens. So in most cases when you enter Stage 2 and higher while the quest phase is still occurring. So a "when revelaed" like in Goblin Patrol triggers during the quest phase.. and Thalin is still committed to the quest as the final step of the quest phase is uncommitting them from the quest, witch happens after progress is calculated and after the quest changed to 2a.


The fate of balin is just a forced effect at the end of the staging step, so even before quest calculation.. so this is also during the quest phase.. so Thalin's ability also check these cards.


So.. that is the YES part. If for ANY REASON a card is revealed while the quest phase is still in effects, even if it is not caused by the default staging step of the quest phase.. Thalin's ability DOSE go off.

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