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Resource list: Suggestions for 6-9 hr one shot adventure

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I will be running a six to nine hour game in a couple of weeks.  There will be 3 players (4 PCs if you count mine) and we are starting relatively from scratch.


I need a canned adventure I can run that will last approximately within that time frame.


One thing:  I can't run any published stuff, as two of my players will have either done them already, or are about to do them.  They are part of my regular group, and we have done most of the short adventures and are about to start BtR.


So, of those of you out there who have made use of adventures in the compiled resources list, which would be the best user-written adventure to run within the above time frame?


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Some great ideas out here. Archon007, looking good buddy, love the avatar!  :D


I really recommend the tried and true Tatooine Manhunt from the old WEG days. I believe it is their third published adventure module they did. I have to say that the art work in that book, well, lets just say, FFG can't even match it. It is a pretty sound story though, and pretty fun. 

Are any of your other players here on the forum? Just in case, I am sending out a PM. 

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