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Call of the three crows - Daario Naharis

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But three eyed crow says after a unique non army character enters your dead pile put that character into play knelt. So doesn't that mean that the character is killed enters the dead pile and is then returned to play?


No. First, Call of the Three Eyed Crow is a bit of a mess, it required specific FAQ entries to make it work (ish) as written. As this comes up every few days, I'll copy straight from this thread where Hank Hedjman's answers your question specifically:


Case: A character is selected for claim (part of the "2. Challenge result is implemented" Framework Action during the Challenge Phase).  
 Step 1: Jorah's moribund state is set to Moribund: Dead Pile
Step 2: No saves/cancels are played
Step 3: Jorah's moribund state is resolved (bad word choice) to Moribund: Dead Pile
Step 4: Jorah (dual house)'s passive effect is initiated for "leaves play" after verifying that his Moribund state is that of an OOP location.
Step 5: Cot3EC is played as a response to Jorah's Moribund: Dead Pile state and FAQ 3.42 resolves that his Moribund state becomes Moribund:Remain in Play.
Step 6: Moribund characters go to their destinations.



In this scenario, Daario would NOT trigger - he never enters play again. 



Case: A character is selected for Aegon's Hill. 

 Step 1: Aegon's Hill is knelt

Step 2: No Cancels are played
Step 3: Aegon's Hill action is resolved, moving Jorah WLL from Hand to Dead Pile (OOP cards resolve movement in step 3; in play cards get Moribund states set)
Step 4: Passives (none here)
Step 5: Cot3EC is played as a response to Jorah entering the Dead Pile state during Aegon's Hill response window.




In this scenario, Daario WOULD trigger as he enters play.

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From the FAQ:


A Moribund card (and its attachments) is

considered to have been killed, discarded,

returned to its owner's hand or deck, or moved

to its owner's shadows area, but only for the

purposes of triggering responses and passive

abilities. This includes responses and passive

abilities triggered by a card being placed in

the appropriate out-of-play area. A Moribund

card is, for all other purposes, still considered

in play.


In other words, you play any Responses to a card being "placed in" or "entering" a particular out-of-play area while it is still moribund and, technically, on the table. Because Cot3EC is a "Response" effect, it must be played while the character is in moribund. Once you physically remove the cards from the table, it is too late to play a Response effect.


In order for Cot3EC to work the way you state, the event would need to be an "Any Phase" effect, not a Response.

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