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Connected Hallways

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I've looked through the FAQ and rule book and some forum posts. I can't seem to determine if a series of connected Hallways (i.e. Hallway 1 connected to Hallway 4) are considered one room, since in effect it would really be one long hallway.


The rule book has specific language about rooms:

Room: An area of a map tile that has a name and is
separated from other rooms by solid brown walls,
doors, or the edge of the map tile. All Lock, Obstacle,
and Exploration cards in the room are placed next to
the room’s name.
This doesn't really help me because each Hallway tile has a name and yet at the same time they are not separated by a brown wall or a door. So does this mean it is one big room? Or two separate rooms?
The reason I need to know is because in Story 4 of the core box, if the Keeper places a darkness token in Hallway 1, does it also make Hallway 4 dark too? Since thematically they are one long Hallway? Wouldn't it make sense that they are one big room since darkness affects how an investigator can explore? If my hallway title is dark but the adjacent hallway tile is not, wouldn't the light from the connected Hallway tile thematically allow enough light so that the investigator can see during exploration and combat? After all, there is no door or wall to block light between the two tiles.
I'd like to know if there was an official ruling on this. Has anyone heard anything like this before?


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No; they each have names, so they're each independent rooms. Additionally, the edge of a cardboard tile always acts as a room delimiter.

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