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Chronos Protocol Tour Locations

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Is there an official list of Chronos Protocol Tour Locations and dates? I was not able to found such one, however from various sources I have compiled this list:



  • Atlantis, Hamburg - 12. April
  • Highlander, Dortmund - 05. April
  • Magestore, Düsseldorf - 06. April
  • Spiele-Pyramide, Karlsruhe - 19. April
  • Ultra Comics, Nürnberg - 12. April
  • Funtainment, München - 26. April
  • Funtainment, Berlin - 26. April


  • Ludiworld, Paris - Le 29. March
  • Contrées du Jeu, Grenoble - Le 19. April
  • Bayonne, L’Usine - Le 26. April
  • Sortilèges, Angers - Le 26. April
  • Philibert, Strasbourg - Le 27. April


  • Damage Unlimited, Wien - 26. April


  • Drache Näscht, Bern - 27. April
  • Genève, Xénomorphe - 26. April


  • Faraos Cigarer, Copenhagen - 05. April


  • Dragon's Lair, Stockholm - 06. April
  • Playoteket, Malmö - 13. April

United Kingdom

  • Black Lion Games, Edinburgh 26. April
  • Clifton Road Games, Exeter 12. April
  • Fan Boy Three, Manchester 19. April
  • Firestorm Games, Cardiff 19. April
  • Gamerz Nexus, Rayleigh 12. April
  • GTG Games and Hobbies, Stoke on Trent 6th April
  • IQ Games Centrem Huddersfield 5th April
  • Leisure Games, North London 6th April
  • Patriot Games, Sheffield 12th April


  • Gamers World, Dublin 19. April


  • Kult Games, Lisbon, TBA


  • Hilton Sofia Hotel, Sofia 5. April


  • iHRYsko, Bratislava, TBA


Did I miss anything? No events in Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary...?


Edit: Added dates in France and Switzerland

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Anyone got their Chronos kit? No? I was surprised they won't be able to ship it for the event day (April 5 in Sofia, Bulgaria). I even proposed to get it with some kind of express courier shipping, but FFG didn't reply to their distributor on the matter.


I understand it could be difficult to work with so many distributors***, but the CPT was initially announced as February event, it later came out to be in April, now our event (which was scheduled much earlier for April just because there were no upcoming events, and it was already bad for us to release the CPT in April) would be ruined because there is no kit. Who is going to pay for this?


**Actually I don't.

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Did I miss anything? No events in Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary...?



We got plenty of Chronos tournaments in Spain, and still remain some more in the incoming weeks :)

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