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custom bad guys

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When making new, personalized foes and NPCs, how do you do it?

So far the two options i used are reskinned and npc-pc

The reskin is just using a stat block from on enemy and using it for another. My party has killed more enforcers than I care to count!

The npc-pc is just making a character using the character creation rules with a theme in mind, a set amount of xp and omitting fate points. This however takes a very long time and includes spending xp on things your NPC will likely never use.

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I usually start with a published NPC (from either the Adversaries section of the main rulebook, or from an adventure) as the 'base', and build upon that: adjusting stats up or down, and adding Skills and Talents appropriate to their role. Then some quick 'number crunching' to make sure the result actually works- there's nothing worse than realizing too late that your latest 'boss monster' can't overcome the damage soak of the party's 'tank'...

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What I did for Rogue Trader was use base stats from one bad guy, change them up and down.  And always kept changing the weaponry, keep them on their toes about what the baddies are carrying because believe me: When they've been facing lasguns and autoguns all their game life, their eyes will widen at the sudden appearance of a plasma or a grenade launcher.

PS- I generally keep those weapons at a low quality/covered in heretical marks/blowy-uppy state, in case the group wants to pick them up and you think they aren't ready for it yet.

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I don't bother at all. I just wing it. I figure what sort of skills any NPC should have, and just decide what level of competence he should have.


So it will not follow the rules for creating characters, but that doesn't bother us much.


My advice: don't spend time on periphery details, on stuff that ain't important. Spend your time making a cool plot, and memorable scenes and settings in which to run your games.


Who cares if the baddies have "Might Shot" or not, or whether they really ought to have it. Are they professionals? Then they should be able to dish out some non-trivial hurt with their attacks, and probably have a BS in the 40+ range. 


Quick and easy! :)

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Npc use d10 statblocks to save time and maths later on.


invent NPC weapons with custom pen scores (-1 dam for +1 pen is a good balance, but not gospel.)


Don`t bother with skills, talents and traits unless they are vital to the NPC. Just make a qucik note of their abilities


for example


Demo McExamplesonnerson

ws4 bs4 s4 t4 ag3 per3 wp4 Int2 fel4

gear: double-barrelled stub derringer 15m d10+2I pen2 S/2 clip2 2full compact

brassknuckles d5+3I

flak weave undershirt ap 2 (body, arms)

Gang Overalls

Res: 5

wounds: 20

Semi-retired gang member (head injury,) bionic left ear (crude,) small time gunrunner, known associate of (mr big)

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