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Sphere and Hero rankings

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Just started this game solo a couple months ago and I am only on The Dead Marshes (playing chronologically).

My sphere weight is...

Lore 66.67%

Leadership 33.33%

My hero weight is

Denethor 33.33%

Aragorn(core) 18.52%

Glorfindel 18.52%

Gloin(core) 14.81%

Beravor 14.81%

My main hero setup is Aragorn, Denethor, and Glorfindel, but when I need to start with a lower threat level I use Beravor, Denethor, Gloin.

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According to the Quest Log Lore is my number 1 sphere and Beravor is my top hero with Bifur(!?) as #2.


I definitely agree with Lore but I think the hero stats are mostly historical because I haven't been logging my scores as much in the past few months.


I think Legolas is probably my favorite hero and I'm really looking forward to a new version of him sometime in the future.

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