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How many ships of Wave 4 are you going to purchase?

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Current projections:


3-4x TIE Defender

2x TIE Phantom

4x Z-95 Headhunter

2x E-Wing


I might someday go crazy with the Z-95 headhunter but I'm more of an Imperial fan, and would be using the Z-95s for scenario purposes to fit in wherever they did in TIE Fighter scenarios. I think competitively I wouldn't need more than 4 anyway. I predict they'd loose to TIE Swarms.

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I had a mild panic attack with the wave four announcement...


Over the course of the last year I have picked up: Thirty-Four ships, Four KR Cases and One GF9 playmat with a retail total of 773.66 USD


My purchase locations vary, couple FLGS but mostly Miniature Market, which offered me a nice savings, I think I have only spent maybe 500 USD with all my discounts. <--- Which is actually like three dates with my Girlfriend or one Saturday at a Convention.


So we have two "capitol ships", Aces and Wave 4 on the way... I am going to need a bigger box!




I will purchase three at a time for the smaller ships, but will get them all at once, Then very likely get two of the Aces packs(maybe three), two of the transports and at least one blockade runner...


I am trying to keep my hobby purchases piecemeal so they do not look as much as they are. That and I keep using my Girlfriend's logic against her,

"Look how much money I saved with these discounts"!


Could be worse... I could be building Warhammer armies.

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3 of the E, Defender and Phantom, and 6 Z-95's.

Even if the Phantom is 25 points I don't see running 4 of them in a list being viable, at least not until after it's released and we know more about it.

Even then I think I'll stick with 3 for now and pick up a 4th if I really think I want it latter on. The same goes for the Z-95's I don't know if a 8 Z swarm is going to be that great so I'll get 6 now because I know I'll run at least that many and more latter if I want them.

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