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General Guidelines to Bulding Decks

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Hello people!


I'm fairly new to this game, but I have bought the whole collection. I would like general guidelines to building decks. Also tips.


Anything is welcomed!


If you guys have articles or other forums post with something useful, I will be really get if you guide me there =D

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I agree with Virgo. Also, its best to stay at 50 cards. Don't go over if you can help it and if you do - don't by much. The percentage that you will draw one of the cards you need/want starts to drop big time the more cards you pack in your deck.


I also highly suggest creating an account on deckbox.org


It is so much easier to view your inventory and create decks digitally than it is scattering cards all over your table top. This has been a life saver for me.


Feel free to peruse/use any of my decks for ideas - http://deckbox.org/users/sammann11


Have fun and welcome to the game!

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