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Dragon scales

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I'm sure this has been brought up before, so sorry if I repeat.


I just played with the dragon expansion for the first time and we had some confusion on how dragon scales work (we all came away a bit disappointed with the unneeded complexity of this expansion).


My question is:


When a dragon scale is placed on the board, and a player lands on it to reveal the card, what happens to the scale?


Does it remain on the board, associated with the card in question.   Therefore preventing more dragon scales from being placed on the space and allowing the scale to be re-encountered?




Do you remove the scale and just place the faceup card on the board?



If it remains on the board, what happens in the instance of mulitple creatures?




A player lands on a space with a creature card and a scale.   The player chooses to encounter the scale, which reveals a dragon which then adds to the current creature's value.  Do you have to kill both creatures in order to receive the dragon scale as a trophy?


If the scale can be re-encoutered, then it brings up this question:


What happens if the scale is encoutered twice, first bringing up a craft creature and then bringing up a strength creature?  You kill one, but not the other... do you take the scale as a trophy, or does it remain?  If you kill both, would you get two scale trophies even though there was only one originally?


Your thoughts are appreciated!

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The dragon scales are removed from the board only when they are claimed by a character. To claim a dragon scale a character must defeat one Enemy on the space which matches the dragon scale. Dragon scales grant the character bonuses when fighting matching Enemies later in the game.


All the cases you mention can be resolved using this rule.

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Thank you. 


Although I think it is a given, it is not explicitly stated... I assume that the dragon king's are considered dragons for the purposes of items and abilities that affect dragons?

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No. Page 8 of the rulebook states -


"The term “Dragon” refers to any Enemy with

the word “Dragon” in the card type box. Cards
and special abilities that only affect Dragons
do not affect Draconic Lords or creatures
in the Inner Region."

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