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Hello FFG forums I’m Jarrad from Wildfire Gaming. Over the past few months I have been sharing an AGoT LCG project some friends and I begun a little while ago to increase our local player base and maybe show them some new decks and play they had not seen before. The idea started with Dan and me wanting to broadcast some AGoT play onto YouTube to help new players and to entertain some of the older ones with some fun games as we felt there just was not enough AGoT LCG content to watch.


Around the same time a Good Games store about 90mins drive from us advertised they were holding an AGoT league. So as many Thursdays as we could we made the drive to Brisbane Good Games to participate in the league and meet some new Thrones players. We found a lot where like us, fairly new to the game but with a really great passion for it. A little while later it was announced that there was going to be a tournament style for the end of the Thrones league. Dan and I thought this would be a great chance to get some great footage and even maybe add some color commentary to the videos to make them hopefully entertaining and informative.


We posted those videos and some articles to go along with them, all AGoT LCG related on our website and on YouTube and we were really flattered with all the great feedback we received. Here are some of the comments that meant the most to us.


ni8shadow – “Great vid. I especially like how you have close ups of what cards are being played. Helps out beginning players like me.”

Paul Rawnsley – “Great start.  Not enough games + play reasoning on YT outside Team Cov.  Keep it up!”

Michael Sibilia – “your format is great.  audio and video are sharp and every player has manners!   Great Job.”


We have come to the FFG forums here to share our work with a larger audience and promise many more videos and articles to come. We have a great new Deck builder and article writer Justin (aka Joffrey Bieber) who has joined the team to write a series of decks to beat articles. We also have many events on the horizon locally both the League and Store champs we plan to cover. And if we can get permission we hope to be at the Australian regionals and nationals to cover and broadcast those events too.

I will keep this post updated with a link to our new content if you wish to check it out. Thanks for your time.

Website -

YouTube -

Facebook -

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