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Salamander solo mode doesn't make sense

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It seems to me that the salamander solo mode advancements don't make much sense. At rank 3 they gain a fire resistance but why would that go away when in squad mode? It feels more like it should be a passive ability and always in effect. similar for the rank 7 ability to set fire's that do more damage.

The rank 3 ability seems totally pointless too. No cohesion damage when taking a damage effect that would normally do so but i can only find cohesion damage effects that woek when used on a SM in squad mode


Pg 212 main rulebook states


When a battle brother is in squad mode, every time his char suffers 10 or more damage (before redution from armour and toughness) hiss kill team will lose 1 point of cohesion.


This is the only ref i can find that reduces cohesion through damage.


Am i missing something here folks???




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