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Updated FAQ and rules interpretations.

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There are so many rules contradictions since the last FAQ and through the verbage used in Talisman and on the cards, a clear answer is never present..... You ask the same question and you will get many good answers with explanations that make sense for both sides of the argument.

My gaming group has played a lot of miniature games, board games and RPG's over the years and our rule number one(as long as a lot of groups) has always been, roll a d6 to decide the answer. On a 1-3 we go with decision A, 4-6 we go with decision B. Whatever the result, we go with it and move on so the game doesn't get bogged down. Until an updated FAQ comes out I suggest most groups playing go with this golden rule to save headaches.

But ultimately, we need an updated FAQ for all those rules Nazi's! :-)

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