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Randomizing Action Selection (a chart for NPC creation or stimulation of new thought for PC creation)

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This chart is BETA, and will be added to my other project to make creation of diverse NPC's or random characters.



Randomness of WFRP3 Actions & Talents                                                                                               

By Jay Hafner  (version: 1.4)


This randomized chart is designed to create characters very quickly and to stimulate variation in selection


HOW TO USE THIS CHART                                                             

STEP 1: Determine how many Actions the character gets.


STEP 2: Roll (d6)  for each action slot to determine the type

1-2 Melee

3-4 Ranged

5-6 Support


STEP 3: Randomly roll the actual number (example d53). If something doesn’t apply, roll again. If you are a dwarf, add the total from the dwarf category to add to ANY category.


Slayers, swordmaster, wardancer, engineer, wizard, priest:  These are hyper-specialized characters can be created using this randomized chart as well, however you may need to have some manual input regarding selection as well.


Late possibilities of this chart:  Enhances are not included.  Bestiary stuff may be expanded on at a later time. Spell lists may be added at a later time.


Melee Actions

1.        Backstab (Core) – 1-handed

2.        Beat Back (Core) -

3.        Coordinated Strike (Core) –leadership trained plus ally

4.        Cut & Run (Core) -

5.        Disorienting Strike (Core) -1-handed

6.        Double Strike (Core) – 2-weapons

7.        Dramatic Flourish (Core) – dagger/hand/rapier

8.        Duelist’s Strike (Core) -

9.        Grapple (Core)  -

10.     Judgment of Vengeance (Core) -

11.     Mighty Blow (Core) -

12.     Nimble Strike (Core) – Dagger/hand/rapier

13.     Reckless Cleave (Core)  - any melee weapon

14.     Setup Strike (Core)  - 1-handed

15.     Shield Slam (Core) - shield

16.     Sword & Board (Core)  - shield

17.     Thunderous Blow (Core)  - 2-handed weapon

18.     Aaah – Call Him Off! (ATK)- pet, ANIMAL HANDLING

19.     Acrobatic Strike (ATK)-dagger/hand/fencing/unarmed

20.     Counterblow (ATK)-shield

21.     Insulting Blow (ATK) -  Dagger/hand/fencing

22.     Riposte (ATK) -

23.     Surprise Attack (ATK) -

24.     Tooth and Nail (ATK) – pet, , ANIMAL HANDLING

25.     Corps-a-Corps- (OoW)

26.     Coup-de-Grace- (OoW)

27.     Disarm- (OoW)

28.     The Final Judgement (OoW) -(melee or 1-hand ranged)

29.     Ironclad & Unstoppable (OoW) - 2-handed

30.     I'm Done Toying With You (OoW) - (fencing/hand/dagger; WS&coor trained)

31.     Kick & Bite  (OoW) -mounted

32.     The Magritta Thrust  (OoW) – (Fencing/hand/dagger)

33.     Mighty Swing  (OoW) -2-handed weapon

34.     Mounted Charge  (OoW) -mounted

35.     Repeated Strikes  (OoW) -2 weapons

36.     Retribution  (OoW) - shield

37.     The Right Moment  (OoW) – (Fencing/hand/dagger)

38.     Ride Down  (OoW) -mounted

39.     Shield Bind  (OoW) – shield

40.     Shield Slam  (OoW) -shield

41.     Slash & Wheel (OoW) - mounted

42.     Trail of Devastation (OoW)  – 2 weapons

43.     Two Cuts (OoW) - 2 weapons

44.     Warding Cut (OoW) -

45.     Whirlwind (OoW) - 2 weapons

46.     Hostile Redirection (LoP)-Ag4+

47.     Lead from the Front (LoP)-

48.     Patron's Champion (LoP)-

49.     Pilfering Strike (LoP)-1-handed weapon

50.     Smash Instrument (LoP)-instrument

51.     The Perfect Stroke (LoP)-bladed weapon

52.     Armored Fist (BFP) – Armor soak 2+

53.     Drunken Strike (BFP)


Ranged (none in LoP, not done HC b/c epic)


1.        Accurate Shot (Core)

2.        Arrowstorm (Core)

3.        Bullseye (Core)

4.        Called Shot (Core)

5.        ***** in the Armour (Core)

6.        Close Quarters Shot (Core)

7.        Covering Fire (Core) –can’t have reload quality

8.        Execution Shot (Core) –Black powder

9.        Extreme Shot (Core)

10.     Knockback Shot (Core)

11.     Powerful Throw (Core) –thrown only

12.     Rapid Fire (Core)

13.     Snap Shot (Core)

14.     Sniper Shot (Core)

15.     Threading the Needle (Core)

16.     Thundering Shot (Core) –Black powder

17.     Twin Pistols (Core)- hand xbows or pistols

18.     Flight of the Phoenix (ATK)

19.     Immobilising Shot (ATK)

20.     Sudden Knife (ATK)

21.     Trick Shot (ATK)

22.     Archer's Paradox (OoW)

23.     Overloaded Shot  (OoW)

24.     Scatter Shot  (OoW)

25.     Seek Confession  (OoW)

26.     The Full Draw  (OoW)



1.        Big City Bravado (Core)-

2.        Call of the Wild (Core)-

3.        Combat Focus (Core)-

4.        Conundrum (Core)-Education

5.        Devious Manoeuvre (Core)-

6.        Exploit Opening (Core)-

7.        Fake Out (Core)-

8.        Find Weakness (Core)-

9.        Fluster (Core)-

10.     Formal Diplomacy/Informal Carousing (Core)-

11.     Honeyed Words (Core)-

12.     I Thought We Were Friends (Core)-

13.     Improved Block (Core)-tou4, shield

14.     Improved Dodge (Core)-agi4

15.     Improved Guarded Position (Core)-discipline trained

16.     Improved Parry (Core)-str 4

17.     Inspiring Words (Core)-

18.     Predator or Prey (Core)-

19.     Scrutinise (Core)=

20.     Splints and Bandages (Core)-First aid trained

21.     Staring Contest (Core) – WP 4+-

22.     Steely Gaze (Core)-

23.     Twisting Words (Core)-

24.     Winning Smile (Core)-

25.     Berzerker Rage! (ATK)-

26.     Dirty Tricks (ATK)-

27.     Fear Me! (ATK)-

28.     Fetch, Boy! (ATK)-pet, animal handling

29.     Herding Instinct (ATK)-pet, animal handling

30.     Man’s Best Friend (ATK)-pet, no check

31.     My Life for Yours (ATK)-

32.     Old Dog, New Trick (ATK)-pet, animal handling

33.     Trivial Knowledge (ATK)-Folklore trained

34.     Wall of Steel (ATK)-SHIELD

35.     Who’s Next? (ATK)-

36.     Belching Smoke (OoW)-black powder

37.     Bloodspatter (OoW)-

38.     Celerity (OoW)- fencing/hand/dagger

39.     The Hunter's Eye (OoW)---

40.     Interpose (OoW)-mounted on war-trained steed, ride trained, Agi 3+

41.     Iron Shield Stance (OoW)-shield, str 4+, Tou 4+

42.     Mine's Bigger (OoW)-

43.     Skulltaker (OoW)

44.     Ward (OoW)-shield, tou 4+, resilience trained

45.     Feel No Pain (BFP)-

46.     Foam in the Moustache (BFP)-

47.     Social Drinking (BFP)-

48.     Bodyguard (LoP)-must have one advanced active defense

49.     Blather (LoP)-

50.     Berate (LoP)-

51.     Good-G/Bad-R Witch Hunter (LoP)-

52.     Compose Yourself (LoP)-

53.     Challenge (LoP)-

54.     Bribery (LoP)-

55.     Bolster (LoP)-

56.     Feel for the Moment (LoP)-

57.     Don't You Know Who I Work For? (LoP)-

58.     Do It Now! (LoP)-Intimidate trained

59.     Crack a Joke (LoP)-

60.     Intuit Intention (LoP)-

61.     Calm Down-G/Incite-R (LoP)-

62.     Impersonate (LoP)-

63.     Flirt (LoP)-

64.     Quip (LoP)-Fel 4+

65.     Perfect Gift (LoP)-

66.     Elucidate-G/Obfuscate-R (LoP)-

67.     Me First (LoP)-Agi 4+, Coord trained

68.     Skeleton in the Closet (LoP)-

69.     Sermon (LoP)-

70.     Sage Advice (LoP)-Int 4+

71.     Ranald's Getaway (LoP)-

72.     We Must Work Together! (LoP)-Leadership trained

73.     Twist the Knife (LoP)-

74.     Teller of Tales (LoP)-

75.     Style and Grace (LoP)-


Dwarf/Slayer/Engineer Only

1.        DWARF

2.        High King Gotrek’s Justice (ATK) – Dwarf–MELEE-

3.        Skalf ’s Anvil (ATK) – dwarf, shield–MELEE-

4.        Wrath of Morgrim (ATK) – dwarf–MELEE-

5.        Deathwish (OoW)—dwarf; wp3+ - SUPPORT

6.        Armor Expertise (BFP)-dwarf- SUPPORT

7.        Dwarf Stubbornness (BFP)-dwarf- SUPPORT

8.        Litany of Grudges (BFP)-dwarf- SUPPORT

9.        Oath of the Stone (BFP)-dwarf- SUPPORT

10.     Saga of Gazul (BFP)-dwarf- SUPPORT

11.     Saga of Grimnir (ATK)-dwarf SUPPORT

12.     Saga of Grungni (ATK)-dwarf SUPPORT

13.     Saga of Valaya (ATK)=dwarf SUPPORT



1.        Trollfeller Strike (Core)  - slayer–MELEE-

2.        One Last Blow  (OoW) –slayer–MELEE-

3.        Giant Feller Strike (BFP) - slayer–MELEE-

4.        One Last Blow (BFP) - slayer–MELEE-

5.        This Will Be A Glorious Death (BFP)-Dwarf, Slayer only- SUPPORT

6.        Shrug it Off (Core)-SLAYER, tou4 SUPPORT



1.        Mechanical Precision (BFP)-dwarf engineer– RANGED

2.        Mollison’s Cocktail (BFP)-dwarf engineer– RANGED

3.        Unconventional Application (BFP) - engineer–MELEE-

4.        Field Repairs (BFP)dwarf, engineer- SUPPORT

5.        Improvised Improvements (BFP)-engineer- SUPPORT

6.        "Reverse" Engineering (BFP)-engineer- SUPPORT



1.        Final Stroke of the Master (ATK) -Swordmaster–MELEE-

2.        Path of Falling Water (ATK) - Swordmaster–MELEE-

3.        Path of the Autumn Wind (ATK) - Swordmaster–MELEE-

4.        Path of the Summer Gale (ATK) - Swordmaster–MELEE-

5.        Path of the Swooping Hawk (ATK) – Swordmaster–MELEE-

6.        Flight of the Phoenix (ATK)..swordmaster -RANGED –

7.        Speed of Asuryan (ATK)-swordmaster SUPPORT



1.        Tempest’s Fury (ATK) – wardancer –MELEE-

2.        Whirling Death (ATK) – wardancer–MELEE-

3.        Leap from Stillness/Stooping Hawk Leap (ATK)  -Wardancer–MELEE-

4.        Orion’s Gambol (ATK) – Wardancer–MELEE-

5.        The Viper’s Dance (ATK)-wardancer SUPPORT

6.        Woven Mist (ATK)-wardancer SUPPORT

7.        Shadow’s Coil (ATK)-wardancer SUPPORT

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This is actually getting kind of fun.  I built an excel program (similar to steve of the red fez's program) that should smack together an entire character in a single button push in an instant.  I'm going to add random distinguishing marks, birthplace, sign of dying (from 2e), etc. as I go.



Anybody have any special requests?



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Sounds really nice! It would be fun to see it when you're done.


Can you make any choices before randomizing the actions?

For example; in step 2 you roll if it's going to be melee, ranged or support actions, but say that I want a character focused on range. Can I pick ranged somehow or will I have to generate new characters until a ranged focused one emerges?


You say that it smacks together an entire character, does the program randomize stats and skills as well? Race? Career?

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I'll have to learn how to do that stuff.  This is mostly a brain exercise for me to learn some excel stuff.


I've always been fascinated by randomized characters (ever since we built one for 0D&D back in 83 on an Apple IIe green screen).



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I just finished the EXCEL file to generate random new characters (version 1.6).  Currently it does the following:

  • Random human
  • Random career
  • Random WSTA scores
  • Random talents
  • Random action cards
  • Random weapon selection from wealth level chosen (with an odd qualifier)

My next tasks:

  • Choose some random equipment (poor or average quality)
  • Choose a characteristic bunch (not the spread)
  • Generate non-human (shouldn't be much tougher)

Long term tasks are:

  • Spread the characteristics naturally with best occurring in the primary career characteristics
  • Add personality characteristics
  • Add birthplace specifics
  • Add career trappings
  • Add ability to set variables (example: roll humans only)
  • Set to character sheet



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Nothing has come through yet.


[i don't get to BGG that much anymore.  They pissed me off...but I'll check.]

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Good point, I'll add that to the list.


It's fascinating seeing some of these combo's come up. For example, if a character rolls a black powder action, but he doesn't currenlty have that weapon.  It''s not "wrong" it just gives motivation (and possibly background).





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Any of you know how to do macros for excel?  I need a way to take the statistical spreads and distribute them semi-randomly (with the primary characteristics in place, but the remainder distributed randomly).


How would I do that?

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As the creator of many characters.... you're welcome! lol


I'm going to use this for my next character! Draw three, pick one!



Red Shirt Dave  :)

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Version 2.0 is up.


It contains randomization of the skills the character could choose from for their career.


Try it out and if you want to give feedback please do so (I'll add it to the orange list at the bottom of page 1).



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