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transitioning characters from EotE into AoR?

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Some of the races and specializations which first appeared in AoR Beta have since appeared in supplements for Edge.


Some of us have been complaining that there's not enough to distinguish them... Mostly, the big differences are the vehicles and badguys listed in the book. I'm certsin the fluff text and included worlds will also differ... but mechanically, it's the same core rules. There's one new skill, and it's a knowledge skill.

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I know my players really want to use some of the new goodies in the AoR CRB, such as playing as squad of Rebel operatives, but they have become quite attached to their current characters. 


To deal with this, I am playing with a few ways of having them join the Rebellion. I already have a series of encounters that will lead them to joining the Rebellion, but I am mainly troubled with finding a way to convert them to the new AoR specializations. 

I plan on them take a job that throws them in the middle of a conflict between Rebel and Imperial forces. Once the fight is over, I want to have them join the Rebels (they have expressed interest in playing Rebel characters), and then fast forward to a point where they have already finished some basic training and are ready to take on a mission.


My first idea is to reward them with a free AoR specialization and maybe 10 or 15xp after they complete the mission that has them joining the Rebellion. This would mean they have a second specialization in addition to the one they picked when they rolled their EotE characters. They would also add a duty.


My second idea is to have them roll new AoR characters but keep their old names, species, and obligations. Basically the character stays the same, but their career changes and they now have a duty to follow. 


I am still toying with these ideas and would welcome any input. 

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