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Logan Lashley is Balling Out of Control

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In the game I'm playing as overlord this guy is ridiculous as treasure hunter. He has crossbow right now, and his heroic feat basically gives him a free turn. In every scenario when an LT spawns he can almost always instantly kill it before it can do anything.

he just stamina moves within 3 spaces of treasure, gets a free movement point, double attacks, uses his heroic feat, and with the sun stone he always gets extra surges, so from 3 hearts on the die, he can do 6 damage with 3 pierce for using the cross bow with pierce 2 and pierce one for using an exotic weapon. he also gets extra damage for not being near another hero, and after an attack he also gets one more free movement.

Oh and on top of that he can't be immobilized ever, and he has really high awareness.

His extra green die also assures he gets a free stamina back every turn, the prophet's insight token gives him an extra stamina too, my monsters don't even last long enough to do enough damage to kill him so I haven't been able to get the sunstone back. And non of his abilities are an action that can be blocked with curse.

We played a rumor quest, three heads one mind from the trollfens i think, he killed the named harpy that had 8 extra health in our 4 player game in one turn when they called it down, and he used his heroic feat next turn to kill the named ettin in one turn.

I have the bol gorath agent, and am going down the infector deck. We are in a 4 player game with Knight, Prohpet and necromancer as the other characters. I started with overlord basic 1 deck.

Does anyone have any advice for this?

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First of all, have you access to the Conversion Kit?

If yes, then throw in a couple of golems! Those dudes rock! (sorry for the lame joke  :P ) With good health, high defense and immunity to pierce (oooh yes) they should save your day. Of course he could just ignore them and run past them, but the fact that they have a big base (thus effectively blocking doorways) and are Unmovable should ruin his day.


Or kobolds, since they are so many (9 plus second wave) they clog up the board AND to attack them is almost a waste of actions!

Also the fact that the heroes lack a good blasting machine (their only one seems to bee the reanimate, which is not THAT effective, especially against kobolds) should help you if you use swarms of little critters to flood the battlefield and stop Logan&friends).


If you don't have the CK you could try the swarm tactic with harpies, only in a different way. You only get 4 of them but they have impressive mobility (flock doesn't hurt here, too  ;) ), so you wouldn't use them as meatshields but rather as targeted assassins, staying out of range until you have a good chance for the kill. This could help you to at least reclaim the sunstone.

Tey also synegize wery well with kobolds, if you wish to bring them together to the party!


the fact that you don't have access to basic 2 is a shame, maybe you could ask them to swap... they could accept, remember that basic 2 is more situational and slightly weaker than basic 1, but it comes with your new bestfriend: MIMIC.

That lovely little card should be quite an annoyance for a Treasure hunter, trust me. When the search token you depend on for your turn sequence turns into a reaver, attacks you, AND runs away WITHOUT giving you the token you suddently realize that maybe this isn't your lucky day after all...


Anyways, try to find a way to punish him for splitting up from the party, forcing him into more cautious moves... remember that punishment can come in many different ways, such as killing ANOTHER member of the party and blaming the fact that he left them alone... I'm sure you understand this even if my explanation is not that bright  ;)

To accoplish this goal you could take different paths, since you have chosen infector (which imho is interesting but not what we are searching for right now) you could look for a splash of punisher (no rest for the wicked is great when you want to out-maneuver them or just bring that lieutenant to a safe spot to retaliate later on). or, if you prefer a more straightforward but reliable tactic, bring in something form the warlord tree to help him taste his own blood... you just need to down him once to get the stone.


Of course keep focused on the objective, and (again) remember that you could also use his boldness against him, if you use it at your own advatage... for example by distracting them from your goal by encouraging their bloodlust with "tempting" placement and "juicy" targets (maybe it won't work, but sometimes even the best players can be deceived or made blind!)


Just my two cents, have fun and crush them

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Here is what i would do


1) Logan has low willpower (2), dark charm is your friend !


2) Contemplate buying the adaptive contagion card, (add +1 shield to attribute tests) card if you do not already have it. It will also come in use here to drop his willpower to a measly 1. This is not totally needed but could potentially help.


3) Buy Contaminated (+1 damage when spending a infection token)


2) Save up your overlord cards for encounter 2 of the quest, this is the one that you really want to win. There are some exceptions to this rule with certain quests where winning encounter 1 is vitally important to winning encounter 2 ('Death on the wing' is the best example of this)


3) A great tactic i have found overlording is not to just dribble out your monsters turn after turn, instead you want to try to group your monsters up a bit just out of range of hero attacks. The heroes will be forced to move forward closing the distance but not attacking your monster, using a corner to block LOS helps here a lot. Just when they are within range of moving your monsters all in and being able to attack on a single round, you unleash a devastating attack with a huge sum of monsters at once.


4) Try to land as many infector tokens as possible in the first encounter, save them for encounter 2.



What i would do in your situation is use all 4 of these tactics at the same time:


First up you want as many infector tokens in the first encounter on this guy as possible, save them for what is to come.


Have your overlord cards saved up from the first encounter. The key cards you will want from the basic 1 deck is:

Frenzy - Extra attack

Dark Might - Free surge

Word of Misery - Suffer 1 fatigue if health is lost

Critical Blow - Surge: +3 damage

Dash - Free move action

Dark fortune - Reroll a dice

Other cards (like from the warlord deck) would also be useful but definitely not at all necessary.



Next you want to get your monsters grouped up, but out of range of the heroes; around a corner out of LOS and enough spaces away that the heroes cannot unleash any sort of devastating attack on your monster group is important. Force the heroes to close the gap between your monsters with one of their turns, they will in all likely hood try to stay just far enough away that you will have to waste a turn to close the gap yourself, resulting in somewhat of a stalemate. You might do a bit of shuffling back and forth with your monsters to set up the attack just right, you want to strike just at the right time.


This is where Dark Charm / Adaptive contagion comes into play and things start to get interesting. You will play your Dark Charm overlord card on Logan, with adaptive contagion he is very very likely to fail. Instead of making him attack himself with Dark Charm (which can be a total waste of this card awesome card) you will move him 4 spaces towards your monster group. Now instead of your monsters being just our of range for an attack they are instead within range of Logan! If this was successful now you want to also play word of misery (start of turn ability).


You might be excited at this point because you know that you have got the sneaky bastard - but its important to NOT RUSH YOUR TURN. This is where you will want to take a bit of break to work out what is the best way to play out this opportunity as best as possible. You want to move in as many monsters as physically possible and be able to attack as many time possible with the group you have waiting to pounce. You will likely need to move a monster in, attack and move it a space or two away allowing other monsters to get in to attack. I cant stress enough when you attacking like this that things are going to get confined, its easy to gimp yourself out of attacks because you left a monster in the way out of other monsters who are going to attack after him (particularly large monsters, this tactic will probably work best with a number of smaller monsters). If you have harpys that have swarm(surge: +1 damage for every monster adjacent to the target) - you want these guys to come in last to maximise their damage output.


After you have thought about the best ordering of your monsters now is the time to start spending the rest of those infection tokens and saved up overlord cards to wipe this guy out in a single turn (and with any luck one or two of his mates after you get logan down if the opportunity is there). Get +1 attacks from contaminated, +3 attack with critical blow, reroll misses with dark fortune, frenzy your hard hitting monsters, save the dark might card for critical blow and other highly damaging surges. Only spend your dash cards to close the ground to attack with your last monster only if absolutely necessary, you will want to save them both to get off the map with the relic. 



This tactic will obviously work better on some maps than others, so if you ever get the choice of the map then take this into mind.




Another similar sort of tactic is when your doing hallway blocking! Dark Charm allows you treat the hero as your own monster (for the most part), this means that you can move the hero through your own monsters! Leave a space free in the middle of your monsters blocking up a hallway and use dark charm to move the hero into this gap you have left for him. Not only will you have a super high chance of killing him when he is utterly surrounded and has nowhere to run; it will also be difficult for the rest of the heroes to get to him to stand him up. If he stands up on his own you can easily knock him down again for an easy extra overlord card.




I hope this helps in getting that relic !

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