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Starting Dust Warfare

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Hi there.  I'm considering getting into Dust Warfare and have been waiting for the new starter sets to be released.  I'm looking at buying the units to make up two 200AP armies, Axis and Allies, making use of these two sets. I'm thinking of going with the following, any feedback would be appreciated, ie. have I made any errors, should I change anything?


The Allies: (In Starter Kit)
1 Bazooka Joe - 15AP
1 Pounder Walker - 40AP
1 Bot Hunters Squad - 20AP
1 Heavy Ranger Attack Squad "Grim Reapers" - 30AP

1 Assault Ranger Squad "BBQ Squad" - 21AP
1 Sniper Team "Crack Shots" - 12AP
1 Observer Team "13 Foxtrot" - 8AP
1 Ranger Attack Squad "Hell Boys" - 25AP
1 Heavy Ranger Assault Squad "The Hammers" - 28AP

Total - 199AP

Platoon One:
Bazooka Joe
Bot Hunters Squad
Assault Ranger Squad
Heavy Ranger Attack Squad
Sniper Team
Observer Team

Platoon Two:
Ranger Attack Squad
Heavy Ranger Assault Squad
MCW M2-C "Pounder"

The Axis: (In Starter Kit)
1 Oberleutnat Stefan Retter - 18AP
1 Ludwig Walker - 40AP
1 Recon Grenadiers - 17AP
1 Heavy Laser Grenadiers - 35AP

1 Axis Gorillas - 24AP
1 Sniper Grenadier Team - 12AP
1 Beobachter Team - 8AP
1 Sturmpioniere - 25AP
1 Axis Zombies - 19AP

Total - 198AP

Platoon One:
Oberleutnat Stefan Retter
Recon Grenadiers
Axis Gorillas
Heavy Laser Grenadiers
Sniper Grenadier Team
Beobachter Team

Platoon Two:
Axis Zombies
MPW II-B "Ludwig"

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