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Preparing for second tourney

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For all I've read in the forums rebels strength is about synergies yet I went to my first tournament with a build where red die was king and all it's parts could work on their own. 0 synergies within them, PS4 across the board and easy dials which sounded like a good idea being my first time not only at an x-wing tourney but a miniatures tournament in a gamers' shop...disclaimer: this is my first 'batrep'




### 1st Tourney List ###


Red Sq (x3)

Dagger + HLC 



First match was the mission with 9 asteroids against HSF (Han+Chewie+Determination+Title+ Gunner) and a very nice man who scored 18th at spanish nationals. I wasn't very scared as like it happened few minutes later he lost a Rookie on the first round and Han was floating so had no shots on any of my ships. His alpha strike was 3 die from a Rookie at range 3 to the Dagger. No problem. 


Next turn Red's went after the other rookie and killed him on their round of fire as one of them was at R1 and had a good 4 die roll. Dagger did the wonderful hard 1 red turn and shoot with the cannon to Han who took evade. Han removed the last shields on the B with his shot but took 3 hits.


As someone once told me in a thread I should choose TL against lower PS or F if otherwise, so most of my rolls where (modified) very good. 


It was my first competitive match against a classic list I had never faced before ( I play against one friend on a regular basis and he only flies imps) and won ! Besides the result we had many conversations around the game and enjoyed every moment of the match. 



Second match was against Blue (x2) + Biggs + Wedge (Swarm Tactics). He choose a side and went in 2x2 formation with Biggs and Wedge on the back. Asteroids left two corridors on the side of the table I took the other one. 


Although I managed to angle a red so that he could not target Biggs and removed a shield on Wedge Biggs rolled hot green die and survived the alpha strike.I could not TL Biggs as he moved after me and I went with focus on my ships and the amount of hits were reduced significantly. I was in trouble and next couple of rounds was a massive bump of ships and we both lost was a mess and unmodified die sucks. He took down all my ships and ended with one Blue as good as new and the other down a couple of shields. 



Third match was against 4 Green with PTL + Stealth and Assault missiles on two of them. I wasn't scared as his low PS and low firepower meant I could destroy one of his ships every turn.  He put both Green with AM on each corner and the other two in the middle of the board, I split the fleet on two groups separated by more than R1 on one corner. Although all went as planned an killed one A before shooting back I had to focus fire with all my ships as 4 defense die is a really effective way to make ships survive longer. I ate the missiles and lost two shields on one Red and one on another. 


Next round I reunite my squad with the goal of shooting down the other A with missiles prior to shooting back. Again, it needed all guns at him but missiles where lost. Here is where my injured Red dies and another has no shields and one hull down. Dagger is untouch and victory feels close. 


Overall the experience was awesome as the third match I faced a cool man with whom I felt super comfortable and joked all the way till the end. 


There were 20 players ( imps 11 - 9 reb) and as far as I can tell the only list that repeated was the one I faced on the second match. On the imps Soontir was everywhere, only 2 swarms, only 1 bomber, no Lambda nor HWK, no dual Firesprays and 1 dual YT. I was expecting more Dagger/PS4...








I'm preparing for the next tournament with some lessons learned:

- There will always be someone with a better alpha strike/jousting/dogfighting

- You need to be able to kill Soontir on a reliable fashion

- All your PS bets go down once Swarm Tactics come into play


Because of the above I've been flying a, once again, 0-synergies-between-ships list:


### 2nd Tourney List ###


Green + VI
Gold + Ion +R5

Han + Gunner + Determination + Title + Navigator


This list avoids jousting and every ship operates on their own causing as much trouble as posible so that Han can come in safely and win the day. Is the lowest red die list I've ever flown yet very durable and in my casual games is very effective:


- Ion against rebels hit every time and 360 turret is asteroid friendly, the place I want my fights to happen and the place where Ion effects are more dangerous. Ion a Firespray and let him forget about it and later on fire him again and see it crushing asteroids :ph34r:  


- Navigator allows me to bump into Soontir or Krassis so that they can not shoot at me while my 360 turret delivers real pain to other targets... 


- Han + Gunner is the best anti-Soontir out there






Maybe I got it all wrong and should be looking for synergies, 4 ships builds and red die, but for now and in the next tourney I'll be flying the new list. Keep you posted about the results. 



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nice report - good to hear what ppl r playing in other areas. surprised there were no shuttle squads at ur event. its a very underrated ship but admitedly hard to fly well.


soontir is hard to hit alright - very frustrating so ur 360 ion cannon should help u there - as will han :)


might i suggest putting expert handling on han - on a large base ship u can really mess up their firing arcs and pounce on them with a much improved shot yourself when i move late in the round - just watch out for those low PS blockers. NAvigator on Han is an interesting choice, i can see how that might be useful - have u considered PTL on ur green sqdrn? its pretty useful.

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I like Han the way it is as navigator makes any ^ or soft bank potentially better than EH as it allows me to bump against others if needed without stress penalty for the next movement. If YT had hard 3 turn navigator would be too good...


For the remaining 44 points I've considered A-wings because with so many Bs out there 2 red die ain't that bad. Either lots of actions with Green +PTL (x2) or a better anti-Biggs/Howl with Green+ PTL + Homing and a naked Proto.


I might try those someday but with the limited playtesting so far Ions pay off more as it can take ships out of the battle for a turn, all Han needs for coming in and do his thing. Repeat until victory :)

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