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Is there a well-balanced encounter with "Knock-out Heroes" as the overlord's only objective?

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Has anyone created a well-balanced encounter that has the "simple" overlord objective of knocking-out some or all of the heroes (at least once each) before all of the master-monsters or lieutenants/agents are defeated by the heroes (in which case they win instead)?  


By "well-balanced," I mean that the overlord and heroes have a similar chance of winning.  Preferably, an encounter with specific monster groups (i.e. no open groups), and a big map.


More broadly, I'm looking for a simple encounter that focuses primarily on combat.


Or for that matter, do any of the pre-made encounters in the base game or expansions have these objectives, and no other objectives?  I've only played the quests in Act I of the Shadow Rune...which is sad, considering how long I've owned the game and the expansions.  

But take heed!  I swear upon this day to you and to all who will listen, that there shall cometh a day...when I shall retire to a life of boldly diving into the treacherous depths of glorious, endless, Descent.......  but I digress...

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