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Strength and Craft value

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OK last Saturday we played our 1st Talisman game with the correct rules about the warhorse and monk, they grudgingly did so. only allowing the starting craft to be added.


But then we ran into other cards, please don't ask me which ones I don't remember, which allowed the Strength value to be doubled for 1 turn.


My friends asked me what I knew about that. I didn't know, we conceded that since Craft value is starting value then the same must be true in this situation. However we still added any extras that the character had earned as well.


So lets say a character had a Strength of 9 but his starting Strength was 4, so 4 doubled would be 8, but he had gained 5 more, so the total for this instance would then be 13 (4x2+5).


Did we rule this correctly?

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