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Need tips for gondor theme deck

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Hello, I'm making a gondor deck and was wondering what cards are important. I'll be using boromir (either), beragond and prince imrahil. Please help me find good gondor cards to include. I don't have most of the against the shadow cycle but I'm willing to buy the adventure packs I need to make a strong deck. Thanks in advanced!

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I dunno.. I do not keep decks.. I rip them apart all the time. I have made a pretty silly one for you just testing it now. Beaten Watcher in the Water and Hunt for Gollum so far. Wouldn't call it a "good" deck... but it is kind silly :)

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I ran tactics Boromir, Denethor, and Imrahil for awhile, which is not bad. Gondor struggles with willpower so having Visionary Leadership from Morgul Vale will help. Faramir ally will also help. Many of the heroes have high threat, and threat reduction is necessary. Gandalf sneak attack is the best bet for threat reduction, since getting access to spirit cards through a gondor hero is not great since Gondor has some weak spirit heroes.

Here is the most recent Gondor themed deck I came up with trying to use Denethor and his two sons. Not an incredible deck but fun and thematic at least.

Solo Deck: For Gondor!

Hero (3)

Denethor (Core) x1

Boromir (HON) x1

Faramir (AoO) x1

Ally (24)

Ithilien Tracker (HON) x3

Anborn (TBoG) x2

Citadel Custodian (HON) x2

Envoy of Pelargir (HON) x3

Warden of Healing (TLD) x2

Gleowine (Core) x3

Ithilien Archer (EaAD) x3

Master of the Forge (SaF) x3

Gandalf (Core) x3

Attachment (12)

Steward of Gondor (Core) x3

Ranger Bow (AoO) x3

Ranger Spikes (HON) x3

Visionary Leadership (TMV) x3

Event (14)

Daeron's Runes (FoS) x3

Sneak Attack (Core) x3

Wealth of Gondor (HON) x3

Mithrandir's Advice (TSF) x3

For Gondor! (Core) x2


Steward of Gondor gets played on Denethor, finally! Put Visionary Leadership on Boromir, since he usually is able to keep some resources around, while Denethor and Faramir are spending lots to play lore cards. Faramir is the main quester, I usually exhaust Denethor right away to see what is coming off the encounter deck. Gleowine, Master of the Forge, Daeron's Runes, and Mithrandir's Adivice do a pretty good job for card draw, although I wish there was a Gondor themed card for this function.

Gandalf/sneak attack is primarily for threat reduction. the deck can often get a Ranger Bow/Ranger trap/Anborn cycle going with low hp enemies.

i would not try it on JatA starting 30 threat and Hill Troll is not a good match. I did get some victories on Into Ithilien though.

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Here is a silly one for you!!.. Works very well in co-op.



White City Boys Rule!

(Total : 50)

Hero 1 : • Beregond ( Heirs of Númenor 1 )
Hero 2 : • Faramir ( Assault on Osgiliath 81 )
Hero 3 : • Boromir ( Heirs of Númenor 2 )


3 x Master of the Forge ( Shadow and Flame 134 )


2 x • Celebrían's Stone ( Core Set 27 )
3 x Dúnedain Mark ( The Hunt for Gollum 2 )
3 x Dúnedain Quest ( A Journey to Rhosgobel 51 )
3 x Dúnedain Warning ( Conflict at the Carrock 26 )
3 x • Steward of Gondor ( Core Set 26 )
2 x • Visionary Leadership ( The Morgul Vale 136 )
2 x Blade of Gondolin ( Core Set 39 )
2 x Gondorian Fire ( Assault on Osgiliath 85 )
2 x Spear of the Citadel ( Heirs of Númenor 9 )
2 x The Favor of the Lady ( Core Set 55 )
3 x Unexpected Courage ( Core Set 57 )
2 x A Burning Brand ( Conflict at the Carrock 33 )
3 x Expert Treasure-hunter ( The Hobbit - On the Doorstep 17 )
3 x Healing Herbs ( Foundations of Stone 109 )
2 x Protector of Lórien ( Core Set 70 )
3 x Resourceful ( The Watcher in the Water 62 )
2 x Song of Travel ( The Hills of Emyn Muil 81 )
2 x Song of Wisdom ( Conflict at the Carrock 34 )


2 x Dwarven Tomb ( Core Set 53 )
3 x The Galadhrim's Greeting ( Core Set 46 )

It used 3 allies and all attachments. Use Expert Travel Hunter (Always call Attachment)  + Master of the Forge to thin you deck. Remember none of them are unique.. so you can basically draw 6 extra a turn.


Run Steward and 2xResourcefulness on Boromir and 1xResourcefulness on Faramir. Pump defense on Beregond.. UC him and Boromir... probably 1 on Boromir 2 on Beregond. Blades go on Boromir to help with questing. I went with Marks for defense over the shield as thought it would be better to have 2 spears instead.


The end goal is for Boromir to have a zillion resources so he hits like tyson and Faramir to quest for a zillion. Multi-untaps for impenetrable blocking.


Have fun.. silly deck :)

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Well you have spirit cards listed, and song of travel listed, and no spirit hero. This is something I don't like to do. But this applies to any color. I would not use a lore/spirit deck with song of battle and add in tactics cards either. I like to keep cards to the dcks that need them since I provide cards for our entire group, I dont want all of the good cards in one deck, and I want the decks to have the good cards of their respective colors. So in this case I'll be making a tactics/leadership gondor deck, because those are the cards still available. Mind you I do have 3 core sets so that each deck can get some of those key cards.

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