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No secret Santas on the Jedi Council

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however i'm incredibly disappointed yet not at all surprised that no salvaged astromechs made the cut.

Salvaged Astros have the fewest options, and really could have used some more upgrades for them.

In the time that we had my efforts were focused elsewhere,

otherwise I would have like to have made some myself.


Oh-oh, I may have had too much sugar -

someone take strange eons away from me before I hurt myself:


I got no love for these, can you believe it?!

They're FUNNY! Someone following this like them for truth.

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Personally I'm okay with this one getting the ol' ancient art of threadromancy treatment. 




Where's the Sabine?

She is totally busy nowadays, i mean, she's flying a TIE, flying Attack Shuttle, doing bomb shenanigans, building EMP charges, educating Ezra, training and spraypainting, after all a shipday only has 24hours :)

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