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Just starting my first campaign proper as overlord

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Hey guys, 

As the title i have just started my first campaign as overlord in a 4 hero campaign.

We are playing with all expansions (conversion kit, LoR, LoW and TF and the lieutenant packs) so the heroes and i have so many choices and options available.

My 4 heroes are

Elder Mok - Spirit Speaker
Laurel of bloodwood - Wildlander (against my advice, the player really likes the overdraw ability)
Varikas the dead - Champion
Zyla - Hexer

I have picked Eliza Farrow as my lieutenant plot deck.

Things i have identified quickly after a few demo rounds of first blood (so my players could try a few different heroes and class combinations).

Varikas looks to be a pointless target for melee, with his high health and omg wtf feat getting any damage to stick on him seems seriously unlikely in act one unless i can frenzy blood rage and have heavy hitters all pile on him.

Eldar Mok is a pain to make damage stick on but is squishy enough to go down to a quick flurry of attacks if they are concentrated. His healing is not very high atm but is very evenly distributed amongst the party.

Laurel is squishy full stop and atm the least of my concerns due to basic bow damage.

Zyla is squishy but currently the most annoying due to maneuverability from heroic ability and good stamina. Also hexer is a horrid horrid class ability that turns my monsters into so much dead goo.

We played through first blood where i got, unsurprisingly, beaten.

The heroes then picked the cardinals plight where due to a combination of really bad dice (i have never seen quite so many X rolls), some slightly poor decision making (the heroes did not really slam on what speed they had to get to the search tokens asap) and the wonders of conversion kit open groups (GIANTS!) and master flesh molder healing i was able to get all 4 zombies off the board (first time i have seen this) and the 2nd encounter was mostly a course of the cardinal getting smashed by the zombies in 2 turns (horrible defense rolls did not help the heroes either).

Now i have spent my 2 xp on beloved web traps and have bought Eliza's plot card that allows me to force tests after travel to inflict 2 stamina to all failed willpower tests.

i also have 2 threat tokens available.

All heroes but Zyla have bought 2 xp worth of ability, zyla has saved 1. The exact ones escape me but i know that laurel has eagle eyes, varikas has glory of battle, zayla affliction and mok has drain spirit. I will need to find out what second ability they have bought.

I obviously have next pick on quest and was thinking Castle Daerion or the Masquerade ball to maximize early game advantage and keep the pressure up.

Are there any suggestions on which direction to go next in terms of quests, overlord cards and plot deck cards?

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I have yet to play with Lieutenant packs, so I can't comment on that element of the game. As for the rest it seems best for an OL to not worry so much about the choice of heroes, but how to finish the quest in the most tactical way possible (if your main goal is to win that is).

Often knocking down heroes is a waste of time and monsters, you can often just block them and slow them down enough so they fail. I find you have to think of the game very differently as an OL. Strategy is the name of the game, whereas with the heroes, brute force often wins the day. One thing I generally try to do is have monsters with reach. They can hit and move back so heroes have to waste action or fatigue to hit them back.

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Web trap was a great buy for those heroes!  They do not have any remove condition and 3/4 have low str.  I would recommend you stick to that tree get wicked laughter and Death Trap.


I would recommend Masquerade ball quest. For encounter one good groups are kobold, goblin archer (scamper work great) and sorcerers.  (Pick 2).  Goal for encounter one is stall to get your web traps. Win or lose is not critical.  For encounter 2 put kobolds next to boss.  Then run. Just use monster/web trap to slow heroes down.  I think cardinal plight gives you the staff which allows rerolls.  Save that for attribute test when trying to open doors.


Use bloodline to kill master kobold  after using them if close to death to spawn 2 minions and then immediately use them



if you got castle D select ogres for encounter2.  Really works well there.


Let us know how it goes.

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Will do, so i should stick to the saboteur route for cards? are there any other ones worthy of a splash?

Punisher's no rest for the wicked looks interesting as it should let me really punish the low stamina use by keeping the distance of quest specific monsters safe (assuming that i right in thinking lieutenants and agents are classified as monsters for the effects of cards and abilities that work on monsters.

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Just finished our second session, unfortunately had to drop down to 3 heroes due to commitments for 1 of our players this week (although due back next session).

Played Masquerade ball and coasted through it, Eliza made it to act 2 after winning act 1 and was never in real danger of being caught (warrior failing might 4 test to break down the first door was an added bonus).

I played a few rumor cards as my heroes have been sorely pressed and have not won anything outside of first blood and we ran through ghost town from the trollfens which the heroes won narrowly (zyla carrying the survivor with a hoard of monsters all but blocking her in, stupid flying pixie), so they at least have a relic to use.

Just to double check, i assumed that the rumor cards do no count as quests proper for who won the last quest picks the next one. 

If they do my heroes can pick, if not i have final pick before the interlude, are there any obvious picks for me to try out? Castle Daerion is a favorite, even with the errata.

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Rumor cards count as quests, the overlord puts them into play at a time of his choosing(unles forced), then they count as a normal quest in regards to quest choice. Heroes are not forced to play them, an overlord if he won the last quest can force the heroes to play it, but if the heroes win the rumor quest they can pick the next quest as per normal.

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