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Currently my Rogue Trader is on his 4th ship, having lost 3 previously (one was backstory).


The Pride of the Blood


The first ship of the De'Canth family (I stole the last name from the 'official' list of RT's, cause I liked it), the Pride of the Blood was awarded to the first Lord High Trader. Their Warrant of Trade signed by the first Council of High Lords, charging them with cruising the breadth and depth of the Segmentum Obscurus, establishing Imperial rule on those worlds that lost contact during the Heresy or had never known contact with the Imperium to begin with, and rooting out and destroying any and all traitors encountered during said journeys.


The humble sprint-trader acquitted itself well under the reigns of its master, gaining a reputation for doggedly pursuing rebels and profit alike, such that the De'Canth family sits astride the Segmentum, with scions holding office in numerous courts and Adepta, or even holding Governorship of their own worlds, as far flung as the family may be.


The Pride of the Blood was since stolen and consumed by a Daemon, broken down for spare parts so that its mass could be combined with that of another ship, and reformed in to something more terrible. Its Captain and heir apparent of the family Warrant has sworn revenge.



Orion-Class Transport

Speed 10 (12 in Combat)

Maneuverability +23 (+35 in Combat)

Detection +5 (+10 in Combat)


Turret Rating 1

Shield 1

Armour 12

Hull Integrity 35


Lathe Pattern 2a Plasma Drives

Strelov 1 Warp Engine

Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer

Warpsbane Hull

Repulsor Shield

Combat Bridge

Voidsmen Quarters

Main Cargo Hold

Mark-100 Augur Array

Xeno Habitats


Complications/Past History : Wrothful, Turbulent


Dorsal : Sunsear Laser Battery

Keel : Mars Pattern Macrocannons

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Well, you might've heard me babble about my womanizing would-be pirate captain, the flirtatious Lord-Captain Aedan Qel-Drake (stats in the works), and/or his beloved ship, the Exalted Wyrm, so I will finally take the opportunity to present the stats for the latter, at least, and see if I done good. Some of the choices, I confess, I might've made more for personal choices ("his" or mine), or more plot reasons, rather than "best options", but I still like it, overall. Still, even a cruiser can make me feel sad when I realize the slight illusion of space and power, after you stick in some guns, the engine, and the warp manifold, and see half the space go "poof!" I didn't get every little bell and whistle I wanted (Fire Supp, Salvage, Aux Plasma (one point shy for that) for instance), but it still makes me happy, and I think it could certainly hold its own, socially and in a fight. Here we go. Let's hope formatting sticks:


Exalted Wyrm – Flagship of the Qel-Drake Dynasty


Hull: Cruiser

Class: Tyrant-Class Cruiser

Dimensions: 5 km long, 0.8km abeam at fins

Mass: 27.2 megatons

Crew: 90,000 crew, approx.

Accel: 2.4 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

See Into the Storm, p.152 for a detailed description.

Speed: 5                                Maneuverability: +12                                                       Detection: +10

Void Shields: 2                    Armor: 20                                                                            Hull Integrity: 73

Morale: 103                         Crew Population: 100                                                       Crew: Veteran (50)

Turret Rating: 2                  Weapon Capacity: Port 2, Starboard 2, Prow 1

Space: 76/77                       Power: 85/85


Speed: 5

Maneuverability: +10

Detection: +10

Hull Integrity: 70

Armor: 20

Turret Rating: 2

Space: 77

SP: 61

Weapon Capacity: Port 2, Starboard 2, Prow 1

The Exalted Wyrm is the prize of her Captain, and a mighty vessel. Originally acquired from the Imperial Navy by his father, Antoss Qel-Drake, at the beginning of his own tenure a Warrant-holder, this cruiser has served two generations of the Qel-Drake line admirably.

                Those thinking of clashing with the Exalted Wyrm will find that any bravado displayed by her braggart master is not without at least some justification. Most of the ship’s weapons systems are designed for long-range battle, limiting how much the enemy can easily counterattack. Some enemies are riddled with melta torpedoes long before they are even aware of their enemy, should they deserve his ire, and feel the burn of plasma batteries as they attempt to close, but before they are, themselves, in range to fire. Finally, those who approach with in their own typical weapons range will find that the shortest-range weapons the Wyrm carries are her armor-piercing lances, which will finish off most things in short order. She is also rather durable, as a cruiser, of course, able to absorb considerable punishment, and with a crew prepared to absorb just as much, in the name of their Captain, and all he gives them. As for the crew, Aedan searches high and low for those with both a pretty face and useful skills. Those who have come aboard have either demonstrated some useful skill, or been happy enough to be given the opportunity to learn from those already there, leaving Qel-Drake with a top-notch crew for his beloved ship.

                Not one to like to go home frequently, Aedan has had his vessel stocked for long voyages. Most of his crew can find all the niceties of home, and both they and their conveyance can patch up most problems, food or injury, in short order. This allows Qel-Drake much more freedom to search for more ladies, and attend all the great parties the high of the Calixis Sector are known for throwing, as well as searching ruins for plunder, or markets for profit.


Essential Components (examples start on p. 63)

Jovian-pattern “Warcruiser” Drive, Sterlov 2 Warp Engine, Warpsbane Hull, Repulsor Shield Array, Ship Master’s Bridge, Ancient Life Sustainer, Clan-Kin Quarters, W-240 Passive Detection Arrays

Supplemental Components

Port and Starboard Hecutor Plasma Batteries, Port and Starboard Titanforge Lances, Prow Mars-pattern Torpedo Tubes, Augmented Retro-Thrusters, Astropathic Choir Chambers, Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay, Extended Supply Vaults, Manufactorum, Medicae Deck, Reinforced Interior Bulkheads, Sensorium, Teleportarium, Warp Gate Map, Xenos Librarium

Armaments and Ordnance

Hecutor-pattern Plasma Batteries (port and starboard): (Str 3; Dam 1d10+2; Crit 4; Range 11)

Titanforge Lances (port and starboard): (Str 1; Dam 1d10+4; Crit 3; Range 6)

Mars-pattern Torpedo Tubes (Prow) ([Melta Torpedoes] Str 6; Dam 2d10+15; Crit 9+; Range 60)


Ostentatious Display of Wealth, Best-quality Starchart Collection, Vaulted Ceilings


Vessel of the Fleet Ship Background Package

Special Rules and Modifier Summary
  • Aedan endeavors to make his ship a place people want to be, and want to stay, and they repay him by doing so, and by protecting his ship, their home, with all that they have. Increase morale by +8, and decrease all instances of Morale loss outside of combat by 1, to a minimum of 1. Crew loss is also reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. Charm and Commerce tests aboard the Wyrm get +20. Medicae tests get +20. +10 to other Social skills.
  • Aedan’s ship is stocked to be able to remain in void for long passages. All Tech-Use tests to repair the ship gain +10, and the ship carries food and supplies for such excursions. Still, when repairs are needed in port, add +10 to the Acquisition tests to supply them. It is also very durable, and can shrug off even the most debilitating injuries, at times.
  • All Piloting and  Navigation tests get +5. Navigation (Warp) tests get +10, instead. Aedan’s Navigators are especially good at avoiding the worst that the Warp has to offer.
  • Though often seen as a silly man, Aedan’s crew knows who their captain is. Command tests get +15, +20, instead, vs. Boarding Actions and Hit and Run attacks.
  • Get +10 Ballistic Skill for firing ship weapons.
  • Aedan has problems with the Imperial Navy, but there are those who remember his father, and when he acquired the Exalted Wyrm. This offsets Aedan’s penalties with the Navy, sometimes.
  • One source of dislike some people can find in Aedan is his interest in xenos races, specifically the Eldar. He has numerous tomes about them, and even some scraps of their refuse from ruins, and charts of their heathen warp gates. Gain +10 Forbidden Lore tests when feasible. This ship can traverse warp gate networks with some degree of safety.

So, there she is, the cheesy jewel of the Qel-Drake Dynasty. She's a bit much, and took two sepearate Rogue traders to get to this point, but she's nice, in my eyes, and I hope you can agree.

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This is the Wrath of Carban.

Chalice Battle-cruiser.


[PDF]  http://1drv.ms/1AW5wHz


This is our second vessel in a 3.5 year campaign that we will be wrapping up over the next few months while we write in a generation ad halfs gap with of fluff before starting over with new characters.


The previous vessel was a might Dauntless outfitted for much kickass and exploration. Some of the components were ported over to the new Chalice.

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My gaming group is firing up Rogue Trader for the first time.  This is our starting vessel, made with 50 SP.  It's designed to try and shore up our party's weaknesses - we don't have anyone playing the Rogue Trader or Voidmaster classes (yet, our fourth player is starting late), so there's no one to pilot or make difficult Command checks.  A lot of the more unorthodox choices are for fluff purposes (arboretum, observation dome, exploration bridge, etc).


Meritech Shrike-class Raider

  • Speed: 10 VU
  • Morale: 99 max
  • Crew Population: 102 max
  • Crew Rating: 30 (Competent)
  • Detection: +35 (+40 using Active Augury)
  • Maneuvering: +30
  • Armour: 16
  • Turret Rating: 2 (-20 to enemy Pilot tests to Hit and Run. +20 Command test to Boarding actions)
  • Hull Integrity: 30
  • Advanced Cogitator Linkage: +5 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire the ship’s weaponry.

Crew Hierarchy

  • Navigator, First Officer: Treat Command as a trained basic skill when dealing with the crew. If the First Officer has the Command Skill, she receives a +5 on all Command tests made aboard ship.
  • Explorator, Enginseer Prime: +10 Bonus to the Emergency Repairs extended action.
  • Astropath, Master of the Vox: +20 Bonus to the Jam Communications extended action.


  • Prow-mounted Gryphonne-pattern torpedo tubes (good) with melta warheads
  • Dorsal-mounted Shard Cannon macrobattery (good)

Machine Spirit Oddity

  • -1 Armour. +5 Detection. The ship may find itself in fights the crew would have preferred to avoid.

Past History

  • 1 Xenotech Component must be selected. -30 Tech-Use Test to repair, or -10 if repairer has Forbidden Lore (Xenos). The Ordo Xenos have an interest in this vessel.

Essential Components

  • Jovian Pattern Class 2 Plasma Drive: The STC standard for escort-class warships.
  • Strelov 1 Warp Engine: Allows the vessel to enter and remain in the immaterium.
  • Warpsbane Hull: +10 bonus to Navigation (Warp). Warp Encounters are rolled twice, the Navigator chooses one.
  • Repulsor Shield: Nullify one hit. Does not apply to boarding craft or torpedoes. No penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles (dust clouds, nebulae, ice rings, etc).
  • Exploration Bridge: +5 to Detection when using Active Augery. +50 Exploration Achievement Points.
  • Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (good): STC standard for life support systems. -1 space requirement.
  • Pressed-Crew Quarters: Decrease Morale permanently by 2.
  • Deep Void Augur Array: +10 to Detection. External, only destroyed or damaged by Critical Hit.

Supplemental Components

  • Arboretum: Double the time a ship may remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale Loss. +2 Crew Population.
  • Augmented Retrothrusters: +5 Manoeuverability. External, only destroyed or damaged by Critical Hit.
  • Astropathic Choir Chambers: +10 to Focus Power tests made by an Astropath performing Astrotelepathy in this component, and +5 VU to the range of all Astropath powers used during Space Combat.
  • Empyrean Mantle: All tests to detect this vessel have their Difficulty increased by two degrees while travelling on Silent Running. External, only destroyed or damaged by Critical Hit. +50 Criminal Achievement Points.
  • Observation Dome: +1 Morale. +50 Exploration Achievement Points.
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So on a whim I said to myself "Hey self, why don't you post your void ships. People might be able to get some use out of them."
Then I looked at the stack of void ships I've doodled together over the last few years and realized it was like 30 goddamn ships, and that's after I've apparently thrown out some of them since there's a few from the stack I let my players choose from when I started the campaign that I can't find.
I guess I'll do a few of them at least.
So here's Hardak Fel's current ship in my expanse (his original having been shot out from underneath him by Lord Admiral Bastille). It's pretty much a pure warship, a generalist who will deal out some pretty nasty lance hits with a strength 2 lance. The specialization is OK since Fel's also got a cheap (30sp) Q-ship. I give most ships some sort of non-standard bonus, maybe a Ship Upgrade, maybe some equipment or NPC, maybe something not really in the books. In this case due to the death cult Fel has access to a particularly skilled assassin as well as a poisoner.
O'Fortuna - 55sp Firestorm Frigate
Machine Spirit Oddity: Wrothfull    Past History: Death Cult
Speed: combat 9, non-combat 7

Manoeuvrability: Combat 30, non-combat 23

Detection: combat 20, non-combat 15

Turret Rating:

Shields: 1

Armour: 18

Hull integrity: 38

Crew%: 94 Morale:102

Unused space: 1 Unused Power: 3


Essential Components: Lateh 2B Escort Drive, Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Warpsbane Hull, Singe Void Shield, Command Bridge, M.1 Life Sustainer, Voidsmen's Quarters, M-201.B Auger array

Supplemental Components: Mars Macro Cannon, Best Quality Titan Forge Lance (+1 strength, +1 Damage), Arbouretum, Broadband Hymn Casters, Murder Servitors


Summed Bonuses: Reduce Morale loss by 1

2x time at-sea before requiring resupply

+20 to hit and run

On a successful hit and run select critical from 1-6

+10 warp navigation rolls

Roll 2x for warp travel encounters and pick one.

+10 intimidate

Jam within 30VU with a successful -10 tech use

+5 Captains command

+5 ballistics to shoot ship's weapons



And the ship that makes Fel money. It's got an excellent pilot/captain (pilot 65), so it will succeed at silent running more often than not despite the poor manoeuvreability, and it's got a surprise in store for anyone that gets close when they find out it's macro cannons are a lot more powerful than expected. Mostly though it's there for those achievement points.

The Continuum – 30SP Loki Q-ship

Machine Spirit Oddity: Adventurous Past History: Wolf in Sheep's clothing
Speed: 4

Manoeuvrability: -5

Detection: During endeavour (20) no current endeavour (0)

Turret Rating: 1

Shields: 1

Armour: 13

Hull integrity: 40

Crew%: 100 Morale: 101

Unused space: 6 Unused Power: 0

Essential Components: Lathe Pattern Class 1 plasma drive, Strelov 1 warp engine, Gellar field, Single void shield, Smuggling bridge, M-1.r Life Sustainers, Clan Kin Quarters, W-240 Passive Detection array

Supplemental Components: Good Quality Mezoa Macro Cannon (+1 damage, Dorsal), Mezoa Macro Cannon (prow), Main Cargo Hold, Empyrian Mantle, Observation Dome, Trophy Room


Summed Bonuses:

3 components (Mezoa macro cannon x2, Empyrian Mantle) scan as (Thunderstrike Macrocannon x2, Augmented Retro-thrusters)

Can active/focused scan while in silent running.

When silent running tests to detect increase 2 degrees

+ 175 trade achievement pts, +150 Criminal achievement pts, +100 exploration achievement pts

+5 to resist hit and run/boarding

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##ORDO HERETICUS 1.5827.184 .23##     Logged In


/ACCESS " Aleixo Incident" (Additional)

***Please Wait***


>>Download in Progress..............

***Download Complete***

>>The Aleixo Incident

>>Data Fragment Recovered

“...the Iron of Augustine is a wrothful survivor

of the unknown calamity - its hull being

wretched from the decrepitude of the Space

Hulk "the Immutable" - cut and scorched

only two vessels would be wrested from

that hellish wreck before the neutrino

Ammisaduqa pulled in the remains that couldn’t

be redeemed from the Immutable...”



Today the Iron flys under the flag of Aesttaban - a reputed Rogue Trader who's appointment was broadcast and subsequently relayed across the Emperor's Imperium - this is a mysterious Dynasty which bears the stink of subterfuge <last intercepted transmission>




(p.s. the Page above onbly seems to load correctly on Firefox and Chrome ATM - scratches head, I dunno why lol)

"The Iron of Augustine sustains me!" (Crew Rally Call)






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I've updated the roster booklet, since last I posted it:




Also here is Crimson Monstrosity:   


the ship was named thusly:

Players:   here's our ship sheet.

GM:          you need to name this monstrosity

Players:    that's good right there.


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