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So, I know that at some point there was a thread around here that contained everyone's starship designs in one place... but heck if I can't find it.

Time to get it going again. Please feel free to contribute your own designs to this thread.

First off, here is an example of the Vagabond merchant trader. Common components only, no xenotech, no fancy bells and whistles. However with a massive +450 bonus to Trade objectives what it CAN do is make a Rogue Trader very, very rich. So you think opening trade routes is beneath a Rogue Trader's notice? That hauling goods and passengers is boring? Well good sir, consider this. Assuming that you exactly met the requirements for completing any one Trade Endeavour, this ship would typically give you an extra +13 profit factor (!!!) on top of the Endeavour's base PF reward. And so if you find that other Rogue Traders mock you for acting like a common merchant captain, you can console yourself knowing that after several successful Trade Endeavours you will be able to purchase the entire Dynasties of those who have criticized you. Several times over.

While Trade is this vessel's key strength, it also ably supports Exploration, Creed, or even Criminal Endeavours. It does, however, lack significant facilities to support Military Endeavours.

At only 29 ship points this would be a solid starter vessel for a Rogue Trader just coming into his or her Warrant. However a wise captain shouldn't expect too much from it in a fight, because while it is not entirely a pushover, it is not a warship by any stretch of the imagination.

VAGABOND Class Merchant Trader (Transport)





SHIELDS: Single Void Shield




SPACE Left Over: 0



Weapon Capacity Prow, Dorsal

Crew Disposition: Fanatical

Crew Max 100%

Morale Max 98%

Crew Quality Competent (30)

Ship Points: 29

Skill Test Modifiers:


Achievement Bonuses:

Trade +450, Crime +150, Creed +100, Exploration +100

Essential Components:

Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive , Strelov 1 Warp Engine (T,R,F) , Gellar Field, Commerce Bridge (T) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , M-100 Auger Array , Voidsmans Quarters

Supplemental Components:

Main Cargo Hold x2, Luxury Passenger Quarters, Trophy Room, Observation Dome


Select as appropriate.


Mars Pattern Macrocannons [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6] Location:DORSAL

Mars Pattern Macrocannons [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6] Location:PROW

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The Void ships I/my players have put together can all be found at my campaign Wiki here, which just seems easier than posting each individually. Their flagship is a little weird with power and space by this point, but that's what happens when you allow a Jokaero to have free reign, and then get lost in the Warp for hundreds of days at a time.

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SP 30

Orion-class Star Clipper

Speed: 12 in combat, 10 out of combat         

Manoeuvrability: +35 in combat, +23 out of combat

Detection:+15, +10 total when out of combat, +5 bonus in Active Augury               

Hull Integrity: 35

Armour: 13     Turret Raiting: 1

Space: 40 (37)            Morale: 100

Crew: 30         Power: 43 (40) used


Fast Ship: cannot be equipped with components that increase armour

Machine Spirit Quirks:Wrothful +1 speed, and +7 manevr/ out of combat -1 speed, -5 manev & detection

Past History:Wrested from Space Hulk – when rolling misfortune roll twice, pick worse

Weapon Capacity:

1 Dorsal Pyros Melta cannons, 1 Keel Mezoa Macrocannons


Essential Components:

Jovian Class 1 Drive

Strelov 1 Warp Engine

Bellcane 90.r Gellar Field - +10 to Nav through the warp, -20 to roll on warp encounters

Single Void Shield Array

Exploration Bridge - +50 endeavour points in exploration obj

Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer

Voidsman Quarters

Mark-201.b Auger Array

Supplemental Components:

Main Cargo Hold

Auxiliary Plasma Banks +8 power

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Stellatus Lux

Ambition Class Cruiser

Ambition class cruisers are extremely rare within the Imperium. Rare- but not unknown. These are not old and rusting Navy cruisers saved from the wrecking yard, but shining new vessels built to the quixotic specifications of extremely wealthy individuals. Although no Ambition can truly be said to follow a "typical" configuration, the Stellatus Lux represents one example of what can be achieved with this class. Obviously, cost is no object here.

Although it is a cruiser, the Stellatus Lux is not truly a warship in the traditional sense. Instead, it is most properly described as a very well-armed and highly flexible exploration vessel. Most of the ship's major components such as the bridge, sensor array, and the extensive starchart collection are centered directly around the accomplishment of Exploration Endeavours. However, the ship is quite capable of providing excellent support to any Endeavour a Rogue Trader might be able to think of. Many other components, such as the Manufactorum and Munitorum, are designed to enhance the ship's self-sufficiency on long missions. The Manufactorum in particular ensures that the ship never wants for a lack of basic items and goods. Meanwhile the Trophy Room and Librarium await the opportunity to record the vessel's future accomplishments.

One of the ship's most notable features is a magnificent Arboretum. The meticulously tailored gardens overlap with the Observation Dome and the Temple-Shrine to create a truly unique place for crewmen to reflect on the magnitude of their duty, all while occasional cherubim flitter above. From a practical standpoint the Arboretum also shares a portion of the ship's air recycling duties, and the benefit of a small but steady trickle of fresh produce during extended missions cannot be overstated.

The beating heart of the Stellatus Lux is a Jovian-Pattern Class 4 plasma drive of magnificent craftsmanship. The plasma drive is complemented by a Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine. Although thought of as a profane and dangerous piece of technology in some circles, the Miloslav drive offers an incredible reduction in warp travel time over moderate or long distances.

The Stellatus Lux is designed to convey a presence that is both glorious and intimidating. To this end the vessel is capable of jamming and supplanting an entire world's communications network with hymns to the Emperor. The effect this can have on a low-tech heathen population is typically a righteous fear that makes the population highly amenable to meeting the demands of the ship's masters. Of course, the dreadful beauty of the ship itself often has the same effect as well.

The Stellatus Lux boasts a level of firepower which is arguably comparable to that of a Navy cruiser. Grav-Culverin Broadside Batteries offer an extra level of tactical flexibility over standard Macrobatteries while a trio of Pyros Melta-Cannon Batteries provide additional ship-cracking punch at short range. Meanwhile the Munitorum ensures that the ship suffers from no shortage of ammunition. However, while it features some of the finest shields produced by the Lathes the Stellatus Lux does not possess the armor, resilience, or gunnery enhancements of a true fighting cruiser. It may therefore come off poorly if forced to engage such an opponent in an extended slugging match.

If the Stellatus Lux has one weakness it would be the massive harm that would occur to a Dynasty's investments and prestige if the ship were lost. However this is of little concern to the prideful men and women who ply the stars with this ship. The Stellatus Lux is the Dynasty embodied, and when it appears all lesser rivals will know that opportunities are best sought elsewhere.

Stellatus Lux

AMBITION Class Cruiser





SHIELDS: Dual Void Shield [C:BEST]

ARMOUR: 18 [ Prow 20 ]



SPACE Left Over: 0



Weapon Capacity: Prow, Port x2, Starboard x2

Crew Disposition: Fanatical

Crew Max: 102%

Morale Max: 103%

Crew Quality: Competent (30)


Skill Test Modifiers:

Navigation/Warp +10, Investigation +10, Intimidate (Social) +10 w/Active Hymn-Casters, Manouvre/Stellar Phenomena +5, Extended Repairs +10, Restore Hull Acquisition Test +10

Achievement Bonuses:

Exploration +225, Trade +160, Creed +100, Crime +50, Military +25. Cherubim Aerie provides an extra 1d10+10 points per objective.

Essential Components:

Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive [C:BEST], Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine (CL,C) [C:GOOD Power], Warpsbane Hull, Exploration Bridge (CL,C,CB,CG) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , R-50 Auspex Multi-Band Auger Array , Voidsmans Quarters

Supplemental Components:

Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Augmented Retro Thrusters, Armour Plating, Munitorium (Explodes if Damaged, 2d5 HI loss and 1 Component on Fire), Temple Shrine to the God Emperor, Librarium Vault, Trophy Room, Observation Dome, Broad-Band Hymn-Casters (Enemy must make Diff. -10 Tech-Use Test for Vox/Comms) (External, 30VU), Arboretum (Doubles 'Time In Void' w/out Crew/Pop Loss), Reinforced Prow (+1d5 Ramming Damage), Cherubim Aerie (Common Quality), Starchart Collection (-1d5 Days Warp Travel Time, Min. 1 day), Hydraphuran Jamming System (-20 to Focused Augury Tests to scan this vessel, no Silent Running when in use), Manufactorum


Machine Spirit Oddity: Adventurous. +10 to Detection when participating in an Endeavour, -10 when not.

Past History: Since it is a new ship, none. However Finances in Arrears would be a top candidate.


Pyros Melta-Cannons [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+5, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 4] Location:PROW

Pyros Melta-Cannons [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+5, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 4] Location:PORT

Pyros Melta-Cannons [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+5, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 4] Location:STARBOARD

Lathe Grav-Culverin Broadside [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+4, Crit Rating: 6, Range: 5] Location:PORT

Lathe Grav-Culverin Broadside [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+4, Crit Rating: 6, Range: 5] Location:STARBOARD

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Most Sword Class Frigates feature a pair of Sunsear laser batteries as their main armament. This particular Sword, the Bellator, has exchanged the Sunsear batteries for a pair of shorter ranged but much harder hitting Ryza plasma batteries. The Bellator is otherwise a fairly typical example of its class with a Command Bridge, powerful M201-b sensors, a Reinforced Prow, Extended Supply Vaults, and a Trophy Room to record the vessel's victories. The remaining components such as the plasma drive and warp engine are all time-proven, no-nonsense variants. As one might expect, crew comfort is a secondary concern on this vessel.

With its combination of speed, maneuverability, and devastating short-range firepower the Bellator can defeat any vessel of comparable tonnage. Given half a chance it could even threaten a cruiser.


SWORD Class Frigate





SHIELDS: Single Void Shield

ARMOUR: 18 [ Prow 20 ]



SPACE Left Over: 0



Weapon Capacity: Dorsal x2

Crew Disposition: Fanatical

Crew Max: 100%

Morale Max: 97%

Crew Quality: Crack (40)

Ship Points: 54

Skill Test Modifiers:

Ballistic Tests +10, Command +5

Achievement Bonuses:

Exploration +50, Trade +50, Crime +50

Essential Components:

Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive , Strelov 1 Warp Engine (T,R,F) , Gellar Field, Command Bridge (R, F) (If CRIT'd Unpowered on roll of 3+ on d10) , M-1.r Life Sustainer (+1 Morale Loss) , M-201b Auger Array , Pressed Crew Quarters

Supplemental Components:

Extended Supply Vaults (Extended Repairs add 1 additional HI point), Trophy Room, Reinforced Prow (+1d5 Ramming Damage)


Machine Spirit Oddity: Martial Hubris (+5 to ballistic tests, -15 to Pilot tests to escape combat)

Past History: Turbulent Past (-20 to social interactions when dealing with pirates, +20 to social interactions when dealing with the Imperial Navy)


Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery [strength: 4, Damage:1d10+4, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 5] Location:DORSAL

Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery [strength: 4, Damage:1d10+4, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 5] Location:DORSAL

Vapourization: When this Weapon Component rolls a 1 or 2 on the Critical Hit Chart, it affects two Components instead of one.

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I've got a few posted in various places, mostly in the two posts I have linked in my signature.  


The Emissary is a Sword-class Frigate: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86405-play-report-the-frozen-reaches-tobias-cain-turns-an-ork-warboss-into-a-chair/#entry827186

The One Eyed Cog is an Explorator Cruiser: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/92918-worthy-allies-and-adversaries/#entry900448

The Profit Stalker II is a sneaky Corvette: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/92918-worthy-allies-and-adversaries/#entry901190

I talk about the Imperial Providence, a typical Jericho-class Transport, here:  http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/98039-scaling-the-imperium/page-2#entry970346

And the Guiding Light of Faithful Intent is an Ecclesiarchy Flagship:  http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/92918-worthy-allies-and-adversaries/#entry920573


Now that I look, I also notice that I've never posted the RIghteous Fury, the Caine Dynasty Grand Cruiser... I'll have to fix that.

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May the Light of the God-Emperor forever shine upon thine path

-Inscription above the Captain’s Chair aboard the Righteous Fury


The Righteous Fury is more a proto-battleship than a true Grand Cruiser. Originally christened the Righteous Path, the ship bears hull inscriptions and Omnissian prayer invocations that indicate she was built before the Great Crusade.


Tobias Caine discovered the ship in the Magros system floating as part of a several millenia-old space hulk, and employed a significant expeditionary force from the Lathe Worlds to pry the ancient vessel from the frozen asteroid. During the excavation work, an insidious Eldar plot destroyed the venerated and irreplaceable Lance relays at the heart of the vessel and killed the entire senior staff of the Mechanicus Expedition.


In return for saving the ship and sweeping a new regime into power of the Mechanicus Fleet, Caine’s dynasty was granted use of the ship after its reconstruction.


The terms of use for the Righteous Fury caused a second round of infighting and backstabbing inside of the Lathe Mechanicus, and left Caine with the Righteous Fury. He then set out into the Expanse to use his new flagship as the central hammer of his dynastic fleet.


Since entering the Expanse, the Righteous Fury has been refitted as a long range siege and exploration vessel. Its purpose is to push back the darkness of the Expanse, and bring the Emperor’s light to every corner that Tobias Caine can reach.



The Righteous Fury


Grand Cruiser

Speed: 5

Maneuverability: +5

Detection: +10

Turret Rating: 3

Shields: 3

Armor: 21

Hull Integrity: 90

Space: 100/100

Power: 93/100

Weapons: 3 Port/3 Starboard


Complications: Adventurous(+10/-10 detection), Wrested from a Space Hulk



Essential Components:

Jovian Pattern Class 5 Drive, Strelov 2 Warp Engine, Warpsbane Hull, Gellar Field, Shipmaster’s Bridge, Vitae-pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmans Quarters


Supplemental Components:

Extended Supply Vaults, Munitorium, Armored Prow, Temple-Shrine to the God-Emperor, Librarium Vaults, Trophy Halls, Observation Dome, Murder-Servitors, Barracks, Luxury Guest Quarters, Tenebro Maze



2x/2x Port/Starboard Mars Pattern Broadsides

1x/1x Port/Starboard Titanforge Lance Batteries



Tobias Caine will use his support ships to pin down the enemy vessels, then use the Righteous Fury to smash the toughest centers of resistance. One of his favored tactics is to use the armored prow to ram any ship in his forward arc, then board the enemy ship with the army of soldiers housed in the Righteous Fury’s barracks.



3,250 Officers

95,000 Imperial Crew

10,000 Armsmen

35,000 Mechanicus Adepts

20,000 Multi-task Servitors

65,000 Murder Servitors

120,000 Light Infantry of the Damaris Expeditionary Forces


"All Ahead Full! Sound Boarding Stations!"

-Tobias Caine, ordering a ramming attack on a recidivist cruiser

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Ok, I guess I'll put some up as well. I apologise for the state of the first few ship sheets, they were done a while back, while I was still getting used to the RTSU bobh was doing.

I'll start off with the Dynasty's ship from my previous campaign, the Lucre Foedus. Designed as a floating casino and bordello, her weapons are wholly concealed behind false plating, rococo decorations and blingy minarets, while her plasma drive appears to be a plain Jovian-1. She's a predator, an ambush hunter that lures its prey into a false sense of security by being so obviously harmless and owned by someone with such stupendous wealth he can afford a 3km long display of egregiously bad taste, before turning and unleashing a surprising sting of self-propelled munitions.
Unfortunately, the RT bailed on this campaign during a succession crisis, while the ship was (as dictated by the Warrant I wrote for them) in orbit over Scintilla, and the players really didn't want to commit an act of piracy in front of the IN task force guarding a sector capital by stealing the ship before a replacement heir was settled, especially since they had just "convinced" the Inquisition to "loan" them a short battalion of storm troopers (figuring that at least some of them would be acting as spies).

Next up we have what's actually the first ship that I designed, as it was ported over (ok, and had the deign updated) from one of the first Dark Heresy games I ran, back before FFG took over the line from Black Industries- the Tactus Quod Vado. A small unrated sloop acquired by Inquisitor DeHaans as a covert transport, and maintained as a wholly "black" asset, unknown to the Inquisition at large. It was assigned to a cell of acolytes on a mission out to meet a confidential informer of the Inquisitor: the Commodore acting as port admiral at the IN Highport over 41-Pry. Due to a series of spectacularly stupid decisions (mixed with bad luck, admittedly), they managed to get their entire team killed and the ship impounded*. The Tactus Quod Vado's crew, with their ship locked down and their employers dead, quietly deserted, leaving the ship to be auctioned off as a derelict, without much in the way of an inspection done of her insides. She was bought for an absolute steal by the Seneschal of the current campaign (actual pirates), and in the years since then, careful inspection has turned up the (completely genuine) inquisitorial codes and encryption/decryption cogitators.
Thankfully, I had the foresight to have those built into the fabric of the ship, otherwise they'd have transferred them over to the hulk they salvaged and turned into their new flagship-

The HDMS Resolute. Built in late M35 and despatched to aid Sebastian Thor's Confederation of Light. It never arrived, and was listed as "Overdue, Presumed Lost in the Warp" in Naval records. Since the Resolute was a very powerful ship, and fully equipped to prosecute a war by herself, the IN understandably would rather like her back, but there was no sign.
Until, of course, a rather badly plotted Calculated Jump into a rather nasty warp squall deposited the Tactus Quod Vado into an unremarkable and uninhabited system just in time to catch a very weak automated vox beacon. Following it they found a vast grand cruiser, drifting in an eccentric orbit around a gas giant, all her internal spaces open to vacuum. Cautious void-suited exploration revealed no sign of the crew, nor any damage beyond some pockmarks from small-arms near the bridge, although many of the ship's servitors appeared to be going about the same routines their masters set for them millennia before, and all saviour pods in place, and the ship's munitorium and magazines appeared fully stocked**.
After several carefully planned trips to Footfall to recruit crew and gather supplies (plus a breathtaking dive deep into the atmosphere of the gas giant to provide pressure), they eventually claimed the Resolute as their own. The air still smells of the shock-heated atmosphere of the gas giant, and has been likened to "the waft of Mortarion's buttock-cleft after a month-and-a-half of ship's beans and soylens viridians".
They have, however been using the Resolute to leverage themselves from a hard-scrabble group of petty buccaneers into a burgeoning power beyond imperial space joining the race for the Dread Pearl, "liberating" and "pro-actively salvaging" vessels like the Hammer of Truth and the Clarion's Call

*Coincidentally, another group I was running at the same time managed to get the Inquisitor killed at around the same campaign date, on the other side of the Calixis sector.

** I worked out what a "full war load" might be for a ship of that class, and left it there. It wasn't all usable (millennia of vacuum followed by a sudden bath of burning-hot gases aren't great for delicate things), but it gave them a shopping list of stuff to replace, and it looked a little something like *scrabbles for notes* this:" includes 24 plasma torpedoes (6 of which have a "short-burn" guidance bus), 320 Thunderbolt fighters (split in 8 squadrons), 160 Marauder bombers (various patterns- split into 8 squadrons), 64 Eagle assault shuttles (split into 4 squadrons) and 64 support craft (cargo/personnel shuttles, SAR birds and a couple of rather luxurious cutters for the captain/VIPs)"

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Those are the major ships around that my players have had hands on so far (and they've been very careful to sneak away any time it looks like the Navy is around- most of them are wanted dead or worse than dead for multiple crimes against the Imperium as a whole, the Inquisition, the Administratum, the Ecclesiarchy and at least one faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and those are just the really major players, and they technically don't own any of their ships beyond the Tactus Quod Vado.

Looking to the future, however, I have a concept ship floating around to introduce them to at some point, but rather than worry about spoilers, I think it can make its' debut here, rather than in battle with them.

It is, at the moment, a proof-of-concept design, and will likely be subject to revision, but hey, here goes:


Endeavour class

Speed 6

Maneuver +12

Detection +25

Hull Integrity 60

Armour 20

Turret 2

Essential Components

Jovian pattern, class 3 plasma drive

Miloslav H-616.b warp drive

Standard Geller Field

Repulsor Field

Armoured Bridge

Vitae Life Sustainers

Bilge-Rat Quarters

X-470 Ultimo Array


Port Jovian Missile Battery

Starboard Jovian Missile Battery

Prow Voss Torpedo Tubes

Prow Mars Torpedo Tubes

Augments and Enhncements

Minelayer Bay

Additional Facilities


Leftover Space: 7

Available Power: 14

Total SP cost: 64

The Aspis was built by *homeworld to be determined* as part of their tithes, in a bid to win a larger Naval contract. Her designers, taken with the potential of torpedo and missile systems did everything they could think of to cram as much as possible into a medium-sized combatant, and the Aspis is the result. A light cruiser with a torpedo launch capacity almost as heavy as a Retribution-class battleship, the Aspis was intended as a powerful sniper, dispatching enemy vessels with massive salvoes from beyond the range most could return fire. The Navy officers who oversaw her acceptance trials, however, were not convinced- while the torpedoes packed a heavy punch, and spare warheads used as area denial weapons, the basic hull was still merely that of a light cruiser, and had not been significantly up-armoured to protect the volatile ordnance magazines the design required. They also felt that the ship's broadsides were too anaemic to stand in the wall of battle among such venerable designs as the Lunar and Gothic class cruisers, or even lighter combatants such as Dauntless, or the Voss triumvirate of Endeavour, Endurance and Defiant classes. Similarly, the heavy ordnance loads carried meant that they would have to dedicate almost the same degree of logistical support to maintain combat readiness they would a grand cruiser, or even a battleship.

It was therefore decided that the Aspis, while passing fleet trials, was to be disposed of or mothballed as soon as possible, and was purchased by *spoiler*, who, as a die-hard militarist, is very happy with the Aspis, thank you very much...

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SP 50

Turbulent-class Heavy Frigate

Speed:  6                     Manoeuvrability: +16

Detection:+25                        Hull Integrity:40

Armour:25(27 front)   Turret Raiting:1

Space: 42 (42              SP:50

Power: 47 (43

Crew:30                      Morale: 98

Machine Spirit Quirks:Adventurous – in edavour +10 to detection, -10 when not in endavour

Past History: Wrested from space hulk - +1 arm, +1 speed, +3 manuv, roll twice on crew misfortunes and pick worse

Fiery Temperament: +2 to power

Antiquated Communications: -5 to command test aboard

Weapon Capacity: Dorsal Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery, Dorsal Mezoa Pattern Macrocanons

Essential Components:

Jovian Class 2 Drive

Strelov 1 Warp Engine

Emergency Field – if unexpected warp transition occurs, field turns on on 3+

Repulsor Shield – no penalties for navigating nebulae and asteroids

Armoured Command Bridge – on 4+ ignores critical hit

Clemency-pattern Life Sustainer- +1 morale, -4 crew loss due to depressurisation

Bilge-Rat Quarters- -3 morale, -2 crew loss due to depressurisation

X-470 Ultimo Array- +5 to BS to hit this ship (+15 to detect vessel on silent run, using active augury)

Supplemental Components:

Excess Void Armour +3 arm, -2 speed, -3 manuv

Armour Plating - +1 arm, -2 manuv

Reinforced Prow - +2 front arm, +1d5 dmg when ramming



Do you fell lucky? Well? Do ya? Punk!

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Fair Trade

ORION Class Star Clipper 






SHIELDS     Repulsor Single Void Shield

ARMOUR     12    



Skill Test Modifiers

Tech-Use Repair Ship/Emergency Repairs -30, Navigation/Warp 25, CMD/Hit&Run 20, CMD/Boarding Action 20, CMD/Hit&Run (Def) 20, CMD/Boarding Action (Def) 20, Forbidden lore (Xenos) -30, 


Achievement Bonuses

Achievement Bonuses: Trade + 300  Crime + 50  Military + 100  


Essential Components

Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive , Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine (T,R,F) [C:BEST], Warpsbane Hull, Commerce Bridge (T) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (GOOD: Power), W-240 Passive Detection Arrays (GOOD: POWER), Voidsmans Quarters


Supplemental Components

Main Cargo Hold x2, Barracks, Micro Laser Defense Grid (Xenotech), Empyrean Mantle (When 'Silent Running' it is 2 Degrees HARDER to detect this Vessel)(External),


Complications / Past Histories

Blasphemous Tendencies,  Wolf in Sheep's Clothing



Grapple Cannon  Location:DORSAL

Disruption Macrocannons  [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+1, Crit Rating: --, Range: 5]  Location:KEEL




Newly recovered from a Stryxis "caravan" ship, the Fair Trade reeks of heretical Xenos technology. Originally the Favourable Trade owned and operated by a free captain, the vessel was renamed after its 'rescue' from a Stryxis ship preying on newly established astropathic relays. The vessel was fully owned and operated by its crew, so the Strom dynasty's claim on it was perfunctory.


It's unknown if the xenotech aboard the Orion class star clipper was installed by its previous human crew or by the Stryxis themselves. Its auspex arrays are highly adept at remaining unobtrusive, while its warp engine has been enhanced with unknown technology. So far, the xenotech remains stable and, while advanced, appears to be sustainable in the long term. 


Expanded cargo bays allow for megatons of goods to be shipped without any difficulty--the STC commerce bridge remains functional though there appears to be numerous xenos "enhancements" to it. Interestingly, the Orion also features a barracks that had been fully stocked with slaves. Not all of the living creatures in the slave-barracks were vat-grown, many were humans that have since been given sanctuary on Damaris. There were handfuls of other xenos species as well and they have disappeared completely.


To most augur arrays, the Fair Trade will appear to be unarmed--just another merchantman eager to make it to port with its valuable cargo. However, as it is configured currently, it makes for a very effect merchant raider, able to sneak up on its prey with the use of an empyrean mantle, before launching a crippling boarding action as it latches on with dozens of massive grapples and paralyzes its prey's systems. 


Should the Strom dynasty maintain the vessel among its tattered fleet, it will be a difficult ship to justify if its capabilities came to light. 




A ship captured by my group (sans myself) two sessions ago. The specs are half mine, half the GM's, and our group's split on whether we keep it or not.


As the Rogue Trader the decision is mine in the end, and there seems to be more favour towards keeping it. I shall endeavour to convince the other players of the benefits of such a vessel, even if we don't use it for its obvious piratical tendencies.


Of course, the other half want to use it to pillage the trade routes...

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Gift of Grace

LOKI Class Q-Ship 


Fat and well past its prime days, the Gift of Grace was relegated to secondary supply runs for the vast Strom dynasty fleet until House Strom's recent troubles. Suddenly, the vessel that was teetering between being sold to a chartist captain or sold to breaker yards became one of the vital few transports of the Stroms.


Like the Blessed Enterprise much of what made the Gift of Grace a suitable vessel of her class was enhanced (or marred, depending on the voidman you ask) by the addition of attack craft bays. Almost one third of its cargo capacity is taken up by squadrons of void fighters and bombers, as well as a large assortment of support ships and cargo haulers.


This, like its paired banks of macrocannons, are cunningly hidden from augurs and auspexes by baffles and void-shadows built into its hull. The refit was so ordered by the Strom's Heir-Designate and has proven prescient--the two bomber squadrons have been credited with disabling three pirate raiders in the months since they've entered the Koronus Expanse.


The ship, like almost all of the dynasty's transport assets, are currently seconded to various trading concerns out of Footfall and will remain so for quite some time.






SHIELDS     Single Void Shield 

ARMOUR     13    


Weapon Capacity         Prow, Dorsal

Crew Disposition:   Fanatical

Crew Max    102% (Current)  100%

Morale Max  97%

Normal Operations (Morale)


Skill Test Modifiers

Navigation/Warp 10, 


Essential Components

Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive , Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine (T,R,F) , Warpsbane Hull, Commerce Bridge (T) , Clemency Pattern Life Sustainer (Reduce Crew/Morale Loss by 4 for Depressurization, Min. 0) , M-100 Auger Array , Pressed Crew Quarters


Supplemental Components

Main Cargo Hold x2 / Observation Dome, Arboretum (Doubles 'Time In Void' w/out Crew/Pop Loss), HOLD Landing Bay (Str: 2),


Complications / Past Histories

Skittish ('Between Stars' travel time cut by 1d5 weeks, min. 1),  Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (3 components don't show on scans OR appear as different Component of same type)



Mars Pattern Macrocannons  [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6]  Location:PROW

Mars Pattern Macrocannons  [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6]  Location:DORSAL



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A dark reputation has hung over the grand cruisers of the Repulsive class since their inception. Over the long millennia a disturbingly large number have either turned traitor or been captured by the arch-enemy- so many that some have forgotten that these ships were originally constructed in the Emperor's service.

This is a tragedy indeed for the Imperium, for these are graceful and powerful spacecraft, with a radically different weapon fit from other grand cruisers, fully realizing the ancient doctrine of a fast and powerful heavy warship. In the present day only a bare handful of these ship hulls remain uncorrupted. Most of these survivors (which is to say, very few indeed) are mothballed, sealed, and guarded in the Reserve Fleets of the various Segmentum Fortresses. The remainder- perhaps less than half a dozen in all of the Imperium- still ply the stars under the command of certain Rogue Traders.

Deep within the galleries of silent, mothballed ships in the Reserve Fleet at Cypra Mundi can be found the sleeping hull of a truly ancient grand cruiser. She is perhaps the only inactive, uncorrupted example of her class in all of the Segmentum. All records of her past have been purged, even her name. The only entry even acknowledging her existence is her slip designation, GCA-110X59.

Voidmen like to believe that each ship has a personality, even that each ship has a soul- a foolish thought, but they say it nonetheless. When deep in their cups the voidmen who tend to the sleeping ships of the Reserve Fleet at Cypra Mundi whisper about the ship known only as GCA-110X59. They say that she knows that she is alone. They say that somehow, she knows that nearly all of her sisters have fallen in disgrace. And they say that in her restless dreams she burns with a desire for vengeance.

Perhaps one day a truly remarkable individual will save this ship from her languishing fate and recognize her for what she is: not a cursed ship, but a still-sharp spear waiting to be thrust into the heart of the Enemy.

And, perhaps, that individual might one day notice a dusty engraving hidden behind some repairwork above the accessway to the bridge's lift. In elegantly inscribed High Gothic, a single word is written there, not only declaring her name but also the true name of her entire class: REPULSE.


REPULSIVE Class Grand Cruiser





SHIELDS: Triple Void Shield








Weapon Capacity: Prow x1, Dorsal x1, Port x2, Starboard x2

Crew Disposition: Fanatical

Crew Max 100%

Morale Max 103%

Crew Quality: Crack (40)

Skill Test Modifiers:

Ballistic Tests +10, Navigation/Escape Combat -15, Command +5, CMD/Hit&Run +40, CMD/Boarding Action +20, CMD/Hit&Run (Def) +40, CMD/Boarding Action (Def) +25, Extended Repairs +10, Restore Hull Acq Test +10

Achievement Bonuses:

Trade +160, Exploration +100, Creed +100, Military +100, Crime +50. Cherubim Aerie grants an additional 1d5+15 points per objective.

Essential Components:

Saturnine Pattern, Class 5 Drive (Grand Cruiser) [C:BEST], Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine (CL,C) [C:GOOD Space], Warpsbane Hull, Command Bridge (CL,C,CB,CG) (If CRIT'd Unpowered on roll of 3+ on d10) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer [C:GOOD Space], Deep Void Auger Array , Voidsmans Quarters [C:GOOD Space]

Supplemental Components:

Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Barracks, Temple Shrine to the God Emperor, Trophy Room, Observation Dome, Teleportarium (Archeotech) (Can make H&R attacks without Piloting Test), Cherubim Aerie (Good Quality), Storm Troopers (Good Quality) [x2HI Dmg H&R Attacks; +1d5Dam to Crew in DEF Boarding Actions], Manufactorum


Mars Pattern Torpedo Tubes (1) [strength: 6, Damage:x+x, Crit Rating: -, Range: 60 ] Location:PROW

Sunhammer Lance Battery [strength: 2, Damage:1d10+3, Crit Rating: 3, Range: 9] Location:DORSAL

Sunsear Las-Broadside [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9] Location:PORT

Sunsear Las-Broadside [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9] Location:STARBOARD

Sunsear Las-Broadside [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9] Location:PORT

Sunsear Las-Broadside [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9] Location:STARBOARD

Machine Spirit Oddity: Martial Hubris. +5 to BS tests to fire ship weapons, -15 on Pilot (Space Craft) tests to disengage (included above).

Past History: Turbulent Past. -20 to all social tests with the Inquisition, +20 to all social tests with the Insane.


Cursed: -10 Warp Nav Penalty. Negated by Warpsbane Hull.

Ancient Grand Cruiser: Can't take +Armour Components.

Fury Of The Incorruptible: The Repulse gains an additional +10 bonus to all tests of any kind when directly engaged in combat with the forces of Chaos. However, she also refuses to retreat from Chaos forces unless failure to do so would directly result in her own destruction (in which case the penalty for Martial Hubris would still apply). Short of complete removal of her core cogitator, this flaw cannot be alleviated by any means.

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This was the alternative to our group's flagship, the Blessed Enterprise. In the end, we went with a Dictator over the Ambition, but it seems such a nice ship for 73 actual points. 


Blessed Endeavour
AMBITION Class Cruiser 
SHIELDS     Dual Void Shield
ARMOUR     17    
SPACE Left Over           2 POWER USED               75
Weapon Capacity         Prow, Port x2, Starboard x2
Crew Disposition:   Fanatical
Crew Max    100% Crew Quality  Crack (40)
Morale Max  100%
Normal Operations (Morale)
Skill Test Modifiers
Ballistic Tests 10, Navigation/Warp 5, Navigation/Combat 5, Navigation/Escape Combat 5, Navigation/Piloting 5, CMD/Hit&Run 20, CMD/Boarding Action 20, Manouvre/Stellar Phenomena 5, CMD/Hit&Run (Def) 20, CMD/Boarding Action (Def) 20, 
Achievement Bonuses
Achievement Bonuses: Trade + 100  Crime + 100  Military + 100  Explore + 100  
Essential Components
Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive , Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine (CL,C) , Gellar Field, Ship Master's Bridge (C, CB, CG) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , R-50 Auspex Multi-Band Auger Array , Voidsmans Quarters
Supplemental Components
Cargo Hold & Lighter Bay, Barracks, Trophy Room,
Complications / Past Histories
Stoic (Endeavour Profit Factor -1, If component DMG/unpowered roll 1d10, on >=7 ignore result),  Finances in Arrears (Financier = Reliable Contact; Accumulate +50 Achievement pts to accomplish Endeavour objective)
Star-Flare Lance (Archeotech)  [strength: 3, Damage:1d10+3, Crit Rating: 3, Range: 7]  Location:PROW
Sunsear Las-Broadside  [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9]  Location:PORT
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside  [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6]  Location:PORT
Sunsear Las-Broadside  [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9]  Location:PORT
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside  [strength: 6, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 5, Range: 6]  Location:STARBOARD
If you ever pay off the Reliable Contact you get a healthy +100 for nearly every kind of Endeavour (hehe) there is. If you can free up Power somehow you can even install a Temple Shrine to get +100 to Creed.

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First... it was technically not a Rogue Trader, but a cross race story...

So please don't burn me for heresy :P


So yes, The only ship my character Exile could commit to the conflict (but what a ship). So here My Necron Lord's Ship:


Will of the Exile

Class:Cairn Class Tomb-ship

Hull: Battleship
Class: Cairn-class tomb-ship
Dimensions: 8.6 km long, 3.0 km abeam at wing approx.
Mass: unknown
Crew: unknown number of xenos automata
Accel: 3.7 gravities sustained acceleration reported

Speed: 7
Void shields: 0
Morale: n/a
Turret Rating: 6/7 (with flak)
Manoeuvrability: +19
Armour: 25

Crew population: 100
Weapon capacity: Prow 3, Port 3, Starboard 3, Dorsal 3
Detection: +30
Hull Integrity: 123
Crew: Veteran (50) (60 if Exile is present)

Essential components:

  • Reactive hull with stealth systems,
  • Huge interphased drive,
  • Inertialess drive,
  • Quantum shielding (5),
  • command crypt,
  • crew coffins,
  • tomb-sustainer,
  • transdimensional sensor array.
  • Barracks
  • Augmented retro thrusters
  • Reinforced interior bulkheads
  • Armor plating
  • Tenebro maze
  • Munitorium (xenos equivilant)
  • Liberium vault
  • Auto-stabilized Logis-targeter (xenos equivilant)
  • Micro laser defense grid




  • Small “crew compartments”
  • Life sustainer

Supplemental components:
Prow lightning arc (x2) (Macrobattery, Str 5, Dmg 1d10+4, Crit rating 4, Range 6)

Plow torpedo portal (count as eldar torpedoes) Vortex torpedoes   
Port lightning arc (Macrobattery, Str 5, Dmg 1d10+4, Crit rating 4, Range 6)
Stbd lightning arc (Macrobattery, Str 5, Dmg 1d10+4, Crit rating 4, Range 6)
Dorsal particle lance (x2) (Lance, Str 3, Dmg 1d10+5, Crit rating 3, Range 9)

Dorsal torpedo portal: (count as eldar torpedoes) Vortex torpedoes  
Star pulse generator (special – occupies 1 Port & Starboard weapon slot)
Portal (x3)
Nemesor’s strategium: The xenos nemesor can direct a fleet from this chamber.

Special rules and modifier summary
Command vessel: All piloting and navigation tests made by allied vessels within 10 VU’s get a +5 bonus. All Necron vessels within 10 VU’s, including this one, count their crew rating as one level higher than it is normally, provided the xenos nemesor is in the strategium.

Personality: Stoic


+10 to all Command Tests (+20 if Exile is present)
+15 (+25) to all piloting tests, +5 (+15)  to all navigation tests. This rises to +35 (+45)  to piloting tests made due to celestial phenomena.
+10 to all Ballistic skill tests made to fire the ship’s weaponry. (+20)
-10 to all Ballistic skill tests and augury attempts made against the ship.
-2 to all crew losses except decompression. (No losses due to decompression.)
Ship is immune to morale loss.
Ship regenerates 1d5 Hull Integrity per turn if damaged.



So  the AdMech guys had their small feet, the eldar had theirs and i had this beauty... needless to say, she didn't let me down. :D

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The Defiant class of light cruiser is a relatively recent design that has yet to gain popularity within the various battlefleets of Segmentum Obscuras. This is unfortunate, because the Defiant is a sturdy, well-constructed ship that can bring much-needed fighter support to a task force.

This particular Defiant, the Redeemer, has been designed with an emphasis on survivability.

REDEEMER Defiant-class Light Cruiser





SHIELDS: Single Void Shield







Weapon Capacity: Prow, Port, Starboard

Crew Disposition: Fanatical

Crew Max 100%

Crew Quality Competent (30)

Morale Max 102% (Current) 100%

Attack Craft Rating +2

Ship Points: 77

Skill Test Modifiers: Intimidate (Social) +10 w/Active Hymn-Casters, Extended Repairs +10, Restore HI Acq Test +10, Command (Attack Craft) +5

Achievement Bonuses: Trade +85, Crime +50, Exploration +50

Essential Components:

Jovian Pattern Class 8.1 Drive (Light Cruiser) (Ignore Damaged, Depressurized & Critical Results 4+ on d10 roll), Strelov 2 Warp Engine (CL,C) , Gellar Field, Emergency Field (Roll 1d10, on 3+ Geller Field Activates if vessel is drawn into the Warp), Flight Command Bridge (CL,C,CB,CG; Tests to ready new squadrons automatically pass) , Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , M-201b Auger Array, Voidsmans Quarters

Supplemental Components:

Cargo Hold & Lighter Bay, Augmented Retro Thrusters, Extended Supply Vaults (Extended Repairs add 1 additional HI point), Observation Dome, Broad-Band Hymn-Casters (Enemy must make Diff. -10 Tech-Use Test for Vox/Comms) (External, 30VU), Manufactorum, Pilot's Chamber, Small Craft Repair Deck, Defensive Countermeasures (1 Use; Lasts 1d5+1 ST; -20 BS to attack ship, -30 for Torpedoes), Flak Turrets (-10 Detection Penalty when in use), Fire Suppression System (1 User per ST; Difficult -10 tech-Use Test to extinguish 1 component on Fire),


Select as desired.


Sunsear Laser Battery [strength: 4, Damage:1d10+2, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 9] Location:PROW

Jovian Pattern Escort Bay [strength: 1, Damage:x+x, Crit Rating: --, Range: ] Location:PORT

Jovian Pattern Escort Bay [strength: 1, Damage:x+x, Crit Rating: --, Range: ] Location:STARBOARD

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A Sword used on a PbP game:


Although her keel was originally laid for the Tolirian crusade, brilliant maneuvering and a series of crushing victories promised to bring the crusade to an early end and eliminate the immediate need for additional battle fleet escorts. The sudden victories, however, had left the Ecclesiarchy with dozens if not hundreds of worlds left to convert and insure compliance with the Imperial Creed. To that end the ministorum paid for the completion of the new vessel, changing her purpose from combat to missionary work, a task which saw the living and working quarters built up in the great gothic cathedral designs befitting her new owners.

Plying space lanes recently scoured and often patrolled by the Imperial Navy, the Manifest Destany’s goal was faith, not firepower. And in that goal she had a long and successful career, boldly heading to new and strange worlds to bring the light of the Emperor. After a century and a half, however, the sector was considered secured, and the ship’s missionary work turned to simple diocese tours for the local cardinal. Over time her machine spirit grew sluggish and blind to this routine work, and after a near disastrous collision with an asteroid, she was retired in favor of other craft.

The Rasputin family saved her from this retirement, and found her a more than willing participant in adventurous life of a Rogue Trader. Finding themselves in more dangerous straits then the old priesthood, her original macrobatteries were stripped and replaced with a bank of powerful, if volatile, plasma cannons. Other than these new weapons, however, much of the rest of her structure was kept as the Ecclesiarchy had ordered it. 

During his accumulation of power, Victor Rasputin took the Manifest Destany and made it the anchor of his dynasty’s power as he started a long and winding tour through the halo stars. Although some of her former elegance and material trappings are gone, she remains a powerful and dramatic beacon of the God-Emperor at the far end of His sight.


Speed 8, Maneuverability +20, Detection +30*
Armor 18, Hull 35, Turret 2, Repulse Void Shield
Power 44/45, Space 40/40, Morale 108%, Crew 100%
Machine Sprit: Adventurous, Past: Emissary of the Imperator.

Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive, Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Gellar Field, Exploration Bridge, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, X-470 Ultimo Array (Vessel is Easier to Hit, +5 Enemy BS Tests), Voidsman’s Quarters, Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Temple Shrine to the God Emperor, Librarium Vault, Vaulted Ceilings (Common Quality), Ryza Pattern Plasma Battery [strength: 4, Damage:1d10+4, Crit Rating: 4, Range: 5]

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Imperial Navy Cobra-class destroyer captains have a well-deserved reputation of reckless daredevils, and in combat squadrons of those tiny yet hard-biting ships fill the void with torpedo salvos capable of destroying a capital ship and retreat at impressive speed before the foe has any chance to react.


Being one of the "cheapest" (if any ship could be called that) vessels currently produced by mankind, Cobra-class is quite popular among Rogue Traders as well - some like her combination of robust design and good performance, others prefer to remove torpedo tubes making space for cargo bays waiting to be filled with treasures of the Expance, but commander of U-99, decommissioned Imperial Navy Cobra, is neither beggar nor xeno-graverobber - he is a privateer, a lone, silent hunter, master of an extremely unorthodox tactic of void ambush. U-99 has left navy service and came into Rogue trader hands a century ago, and since that time few victims ever managed to detect their would-be killer before a point-blank launch of vortex, melta or virus torpedoes was made, and none of those who was in crosshairs of U-99's periscope survived the encounter.


Cobra-class destroyer



Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Speed 10

Manoeuvrability +40

Detection 10

Turret Rating 1

Armor 15

Hull Integrity 30


Space total/used 35/35

Power total/used 40/40


SP 42


Essential components:


Cypra-Pattern Class 2 Drive - Grants +15 to Silent Running, and imposes -15 to Detecting it.

Markov 1 Warp Engine

Gellar Field

Single Void Shield Array

Command Bridge 

M-1.r Life Sustainer 

Pressed-Crew Quarters 

W-240 Passive Detection Arrays - When on Silent Running, this vessel may perform any Detection action without penalty.




Prow Gryphonne-Pattern Torpedo Tubes


Supplemental components:


Empyrean Mantle - Difficulty of detection is increased by 2 steps if this ship performs Silent Running. 

2xAugmented Retro-Thrusters

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I have a vast plethora of unique ships I've created, though as I have at least one player who frequents the Rogue Trader boards, I will only post the ones the party has either captured or destroyed.


All my ships are typed out in a different document format then what I see being posted here (with two docs, one including all the statistical data, and another including all the component information), so I will try to do my best to adapt them for forum-friendly posting (which will likely involve cutting away a lot of the individual space, power, and weapon damage numbers for the simple 'as a whole' information). Naturally, I won't include in depth descriptions of all the components, as I'm going to assume most people interested are going to have the requisite books to know their additional details.




Here is one of my first ones, a former pirate ship captured by the crew in a prisoner-break that escalated into a mutiny. The ship is a Meritek ship, and most of her crew is still Meritek, having been liberated by the crew from the pirates who oppressed them in their own ship and home.







The Black Razor



Meritech Shrike-Class Raider

Hull: Raider

Dimensions: 2 km long, 0.25km abeam at fins approx.

Mass: 4.5 megatonnes approx.

Crew: 15,000 crew, approx.

Accel: 5.9 gravities max sustainable acceleration.


Speed: 12

Manoeuvrability: +30

Detection: +20 

Hull Integrity: 30

Armour: 16 

Turret Rating: 2

Void Shield: 1

Space: 35 (-35)



Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1


Advanced Cogitator Linkage: Shrikes include kilometres of sophisticated linkage cabling, which at one time allowed a highly advanced core cogitator to exercise extreme control over the systems. Although the heretical cogitator is long removed, the linkage remains. This vessels gains a +5 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire the ship’s weaponry.


Crew Rating: 42

Ballistic Rating: 52   (Advanced Cogitator Linkage + Command Bridge)




Grapple Cannons  (Best) (dorsal)   (Simplified: can board with a successful ballistics test in the same square without ramming)


Pyros Melta-Cannons (prow)   Strength: 3  Damage: 1d10+4     Crit: 4    Range: 4  (Cause Fire! Criticals)





Segrazian “Viperdrive” Pirate Engine (Best)  +46 (-30) 

Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine (Good)

Belecane-pattern 90.r Gellar Field

Repulsor Shields

Command Bridge

Mark. I.r Life Sustainer

Clan-Kin Quarters

W–240 Passive Detection Arrays 

Witch-Augur (A)     (Simplified: Augur that can peer into the near Warp to see ships travelling & know when/where they'll exit)


Inbuilt Stowage Bays   (Endevours allowed, but no bonus)


Resolution Arena (Good)



Quirks of the Ship


Reaver of the Unveholden Reaches.

Cost: 2 Ship Points. Transports, raiders, and frigates may take this.

Self-reliant: Ships of the reaver clans seldom have dockyards they can flee to when they are damaged. Therefore, they must fend for themselves, and the vessels are equipped to do just that. When this vessel affects long-term repairs, they may repair 1d10+5 points of Hull Integrity instead of 1d5.

Strike and Fade: The reaver clans have long practised the art of stealth attacks, a must for a successful buccaneer. Their ships have been modified for the task, with masked drive tubes and baffles to diffuse their signature. All Silent Running manoeuvres the ship performs gain a +10 bonus.

Pirate Vessel: Ships of the reaver clans are known—and feared—throughout the Expanse. Anyone from the vessel suffers a -10 to all Social Interaction Tests, provided the targets know what vessel they hail from.*


Turbulent Past: Over the years this ship has been used to perform deeds dastadly to some and heroic to others. All ship's crew suffer a -20 to social Skill Tests when interacting with the Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders, and Chaos Reavers, provided the targets know what vessel they hail from. On the adverse, all ship's crew gain +20 to social Skills when interacting with Pirates, Meriteks, and Void Scavengers, provided these targets also know what vessel they hail from.*


*Up to the GM where to apply 




Custom Rule: Meritek crews do not take morale penalties for extended periods in the void. As all Meriteks are descended from a culture of ship-borne void-nomads and scavengers who typically are born, live, and die on their ships, they don't feel the same necessity to make port stops to relax and unwind like typical Imperial crews do (given their history with the Imperium, they may actually be against doing so). They continue to take morale penalties from other causes as per normal however.


Naturally, mixing Meritek and non-Meritek crews will circumvent this rule, though to what degree is up to the GM and the percentage of each on board a single ship.


Per my game, Meriteks typically prefer keeping their ships crewed by their own people, and will often fill vacancies with the excess from other Meritek ships they encounter should they run across any that survived the Meritek Wars operating in the Koronus Expanse. This means keeping Meritek crews fully populated can be tricky if one doesn't know where to find others, but often acquisition free if the players are in good standing with them, as the youth of one ship are often eager to join another ship, as befitting a ship-born culture that must keep genetic diversity in mind.

Edited by Crow Eye

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