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Amazing Larry

Of Chivalry, Helicopters and Local Law Enforcement

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So now that my players have encountered this junk in my game it can't be potentially spoiled for them by coming here. The first and least interesting of which is a medieval world mook gallery.


Feudal World Spearman/Crossbowman/Watchman

WS25 BS20 St30 T30 Ag30 Int20 Per25 WP25 Fel25

3/6/9/18    Wounds 9   Leather Armor/steel reinforced wooden half helm (2 all) primitive


Spear 1d10+3 R Pen 0 primitive


Crossbow BASIC 30m S/-/- 1d10 R Pen 0 Mag 1 rld 2full primitive


Knife 1d5+3 R Pen 0 primitive


Skills/Talents: Awareness, Intimidate, Gamble


Description: These are expendable mooks that a feudal lord will have in abundance, their primary occupation is walking around in circles trying to look intimidating while sneaking off to harass peasant maidens or play at dice whenever they can manage it. They likely pose no real threat to a group of properly equipped explorers, and will almost certainly panic when attacked with space lasers. This is a good profile to use for crooked city watchmen or arrow fodder.


Feudal World Longbowman

WS25 BS35 St35 T30 Ag30 Int20 Per30 WP25 Fel25

3/6/9/18    Wounds 12   Leather armor/steel half helm (3 head 2 all others) primitive


Longbow BASIC 75m S/-/- 1d10+4 R Pen 0 Mag 1 rld half primitive


Knife 1d5+3 R Pen 0 primitive


Skills/Talents: Awareness, Climb, Concealment, Dodge+10, Gamble, Navigation Surface, Tracking, Silent Move, Survival


Description: Professional archers who began training in childhood, probably will not be found in great numbers outside of feudal armies. However there should be some of them wandering around, likely to be found in forests on hunts or hanging out atop castle walls.


Feudal World Foot Soldier

WS35 BS20 St35 T30 Ag30 Int20 Per25 WP25 Fel25

3/6/9/18    Wounds 12   Chainmail armor and steel helm (4 head 3 all others)


Polearm (or other great weapon) 2d10+5 R Pen 0 primitive


Sword 1d10+5 Pen 0 primitive, balanced

Shield 1d5+5 I Primitive, Defensive 25atk 50parry


Knife 1d5+5 R Pen 0 primitive


Skills/Talents: Awareness, Crushing Blow, Dodge, Gamble, Intimidate, Search, Scrutiny, Silent Move, Survival


Description: Either levied or recruited these men have been selected and trained to take part in feudal wars and/or serve as personal guards to important individuals. Many of them are likely blooded veterans and they’ve actually received some respectable degree of training as well as proper arms and armor. This would also be a good profile to fall back on for a squire or adolescent lordling.


So as you can see they pose no real threat whatsoever but that's not really the point, the point is if your players take it upon themselves to storm a castle or stir up **** in town or whatever on a medieval world this might be helpful. Which brings us to Knights, gotta have Knights.


Feudal World Knight

WS 45 BS20 S35 T40 Ag35 Int35 Per38 WP35 Fel35

3/6/9/18     Wounds 14    Armor: Feudal World Plate (5 all) primitive


Good Craftsmanship Sword 1d10+5 Pen 0 primitive, balanced roll 50atk 55parry

Shield 1d5+5 I Primitive, Defensive 35atk 60parry


Skills: Awareness, Charm, Dodge, Intimidate, Search, Scrutiny, Wrangling, use of primitive melee weapon appropriately associated with medieval warfare, also bows and crossbows.


Talents: Blademaster reroll failed melee attack once per round, Counter Attack gain free attack after successfully parrying. Crushing Blow +2 melee damage, Furious Assault spend reaction to roll a second attack if all out attack succeeds, Iron Jaw test toughness to ignore stun, Nerves of Steel reroll tests to avoid pinning, Precise Blow all melee attacks are against called locations with no penaty, Wall of Steel can parry twice per round.


War Horse

WS24 S55 T50 Ag30 Int16 Per30 WP40

6/12/18/24   Wounds 19  Armor: Feudal Warhorse Mail (3 to body and head) primitive


Hooves, neck and teeth 1d10+5 primitive


Skills/Traits: Awareness, Bestial must make WP saves when frightened/significantly hurt, Brutal Charge +3 damage with charge attacks, Hulking, Mighty, Swift, Natural Weapons, Quadruped, Sturdy +20 to resist takedown/grapple.


The horse will only attack while being ridden or if attacked, although it will also object to being handled by unfamiliar people.


The two in concert

While mounted the knight and his horse count as a single hulking target for the sake of non-called shot BS rolls against them, if a successful hit is made the player will roll a d10 and on odds the knight is struck on evens the horse is struck. If engaged in melee combat both the knight and the horse will still both make their own attacks, for the sake of simplicity however the horse always shares it’s turn with the knight and goes off of his initiative for combat order.


While mounted the knight is considered to be on higher ground than unmounted opponents bringing the associated modifiers into play. He can be knocked off his horse with a melee attack succeeding by three additional degrees or fall off due to other situations where he logically would at the GM’s discretion.


Charging Lance: While mounted the knight uses a lance for charge attacks, these attacks are modified by the horse’s St characteristic and Brutal Charge talent. Any Exploror successfully struck by charging lance must make a hard -20 St test or be knocked prone and loses any further reactions or attacks of opportunity until the start of their next turn. On a successful lance hit roll 1d10 on 7 or higher the lance still strikes successfully and deals damage normally but breaks and is destroyed. The attack always occurs when there are three meters between the knight and his target, afterwards the knight may continue to move his remaining charge distance and will alter direction just enough to pass adjacent his target and keep going


Charging Lance melee range see above 2d10+8 I Pen 0 Primitive


I actually ended up running an encounter with Knights after my players managed to accidentally convince some locals on a heathen world they were servants of an evil god. It wasn't a really credible threat but then again it wasn't meant to be, the important thing is the Voidmaster took a charging lance to the face, lost a single wound and got knocked on his ass which everyone thought was hilarious including him. For flavor we decided that it left a hairline crack on his helmet's visor. Then they hit the knights and their horses with photon flashes and the fight was over pretty quickly.


Anyway lets segway awkwardly into planetary law enforcement.


Common Law Enforcment Patrolman


WS25 BS30 St30 T30 Ag30 Int25 Per25 WP25 Fel30

Movement 3/6/9/18      Armor 2 head and body        Wounds 9



Good craftsmanship stub automatic

Pistol 30m S/3/- 1d10+3 I Pen0 mag9



Fully adjusted 1d5+3 I Pen0 Primitive, inflicts 1 level of fatigue if it deals damage equal or greater to target’s TB


Each patrol car contains  one of the following:

Pump Shotgun

Basic 30m S/-/- 1d10+4 I Pen0 Mag8 Rld2full Scatter


autogun(assault rifle)

Basic 90m S/3/10 1d10+3 I Pen3 mag30 Rld2Full


Other gear:


Electric Torch (flashlight)

Simple vox unit (police walkie talkie)

Simple Dataslate (primarily for note taking and calling up records/warrents/mugshots)


Skill and talents:




Common Lores Local Laws, Local Gossip, Local News, Local Notables and Businesses


Patrol Car

Ground Vehicle


Crew 1 Driver

Cruising Speed 100 kph  (60mph)

Tactical Speed 20 m

Maneuverability +3

Size Hulking(+10 to ballistic rolls against it)

Structural Integrity 10

Armor all 10

Special Rules: Like a modern sedan it requires a mostly smooth roadway having very limited offroad capability, as for resolving it’s features and performance just keep in mind it’s basically identical to a modern police patrol car for all intents and purposes. Each car will contain one to two patrolmen.


So once again not really a threatening or even credible enemy for a RT party but I was doing a section where the players were stranded on a world where they were being pursued by a corrupt planetary government. So while they were undercover I had these chuckleheads as a first response to suspicious behavior. In the end all these guys ever accomplished was helping the party, when the RT in disguise charmed one into unlocking a gate for him. If you're gonna have cops you gotta have a SWAT team though.


Planetary Law Enforcement Tactical Team members


WS43 BS43 S40 T40 Ag 40 Int35 Per39 WP33 Fel30


Movement                                                             4/8/12/24  Wounds12

Armor 4 all (modified guardsman flak)               Armor+Toughness 8



Good Craftsmanship Shock Glove

Fully adjusted attack roll 48 dam 1d10+4 Pen 0 SHOCKING


Best Craftsmanship autogun(assault rifle) with manstopper rounds

Basic 90m S/3/10 1d10+3 I Pen3 mag30 Rld2Full


Photon flash grenades, and choke grenades see Into the Storm page116 range 12


Other gear: Manacles, microbead, ear protection, gas mask(+30 resist gas), good photocontacts (protects from their own photogrenades)


Skills/talents: Awareness+10, Climb, Concealment, Dodge, Interrogation, Medicae, Scrutiny, Search, Security, Disarm, Silent Move, Takedown, test Ag to negate surprise.


Tactical Team Point Man


same except replace shock glove and autogun with


Shock Truncheon

Fully adjusted 1d10+4 I Pen 0 shocking


Persecutor-pattern combat shotgun with Snare Shells (ItS pg128)

35m S/3/- 1d10+2 I Pen 0 Mag 20 Rld full SNARE, SCATTER see pgs116/240


Riot Shield

+4armor to left arm and torso, can be used as a melee weapon rolled at 23 for 1d5+4. When used to parry/block an incoming melee attack roll at 63. The riot shield is built to support the shotgun allowing the point man to hold and use both at once. He can also of course holster the shotgun and use the riot shield in conjunction with his truncheon.


Tactical Team Leader


Same as team member but replace autogun with Grenade Launcher (stun grenades)

Basic 60m s/-/-  test toughness on failure Stun1d5 rounds blastX3 Mag6 rld 1full


Has command skill+10 through gear and hand signs can coordinate team in total silence, has a fiber optic wand for looking under doors and around corners.


I based then off the Arbites profile because I figure even rinky dink cities on Imperial Worlds are going to have some response to crazy heavily armed criminals. Sadly I wrote them weeks before the players encountered them during the course of plot and by then they'd mostly aquired all sorts of gear that protected them from photon flashes and gas. All they really achieved before getting murdered was to make the RT choke and pass out. Hell the Voidmaster's Strixus doohicky made him invisible to them because they were all wearing photogoggles so at the end they were sure a ghost was killing them.


So lastly and most awesomely, HELICOPTERS!


Transport Helicopters


Type: Skimmer/Flier requires Pilot Craft skill

Structural Integrity: 20

Armor: 12 all

Tactical Speed: 25m / 1AU

Maneuverability +10

Size: Enormous (+20 to hit it with a ballistic weapon -20 to it’s dodge reaction)

Cruising Speed: 260kph

Crew: 1-3 (positions for pilot, copilot, and side gunner)

Carrying Capacity in addition to it’s crew:  Seven fully equipped medium infantrymen or 1,200 kgs of cargo while fully fueled/stocked.


Whirlybird Special Rules

A helicopter can only fly at hovering and low altitudes as they’re described by core book page269. Furthermore it cannot cruise at hovering altitude and while taking move actions at hovering altitude in combat the pilot must make a hard -20 maneuver test or it immediately crashes. A helicopter requires a sufficiently dense atmosphere to operate, and unless specially adapted to a different power plant most helicopters run off of ancient turbine engine technology which means they only work in atmospheres containing sufficient 02 for the combustion process and where excessive FOD wont be pulled into the intake. A helicopter receives double the normal damage from collisions/ramming against all locations except it’s bottom.


Heavy Stubber with tracers mounted in Portside Firing Arc

Heavy(mounted to vehicle) 120m -/-/10 1d10+5 Pen3 Mag500(50 full auto bursts)

Tracer Shells one in every five rounds is a tracer, after one burst made at a target or area all subsequent bursts against that same target or area gain a +5 to BS. However when used in poor conditions like darkness, mist, smoke, shadow, fog etc enemies returning fire gain the same benefit.


Helicopter Gunships


Stats remain the same except

Crew: 1-4 (positions for pilot, copilot and two side gunners)

Carrying Capacity: NONE This variant is so loaded down with weapons and ammunition that it can only carry it’s maximum crew of four and even then they need to be no more than normal sized human weight with a reasonable amount of gear.


The gunships have the same heavy stubber waist side armament as the transports but they have one mounted on each side covering the port and starboard arcs respectively for a total of two.


Gunships also have the following weapons mounted in external weapon pods which operate in the forward firing arc and can only be fired by either the pilot or copilot.


Twin Linked Heavy Lasguns homebrew weapon

Heavy150m S/3/- 2d10+3 E Pen2 Mag240(120 single shots or 40 semi-auto bursts) Reliable, Twin Linked


Twin Linked Frag Missile Pods

Heavy 250m S/-/- 2d10 X Pen 4 Blast 6 Mag40(20 shots) Reliable, Twin Linked


Reloading Weapons

Weapons are not reloaded in flight, rather they’re reloaded by the ground crew. This is a labor intensive process that requires the helicopter moves to a prepared landing site with the correct tooling where the missile pods are dropped and replaced and fresh ammo boxes loaded into waist stubbers and ammo belts fed into them. This process should always take at least a few minutes.


Modding/Replacing Weapons

It’s possible to acquire/build and install weapon pods containing any manportable Heavy class las or solid projectile weapon or basic class bolt or plasma weapon at the GM’s discretion with ammo pools to be determined at the GM’s descretion. Similarly the waist guns can be replaced with something else at the GM’s discretion or simply left out so that a player or NPC might fire his own personal weapons out that side of the aircraft.



About two hours/five hundred kilometers


Crew and support staff

Where helicopters are available crew and support staff will also be available and will be considered to be included with the purchase, apply the same rules regarding crew skill/competency as with starship crew.



Fera/Feudall Worlds:Unique or unavailable at GM’s discretion

Civilized/Imperial Worlds:Common

Forge Worlds:Plentiful

Colonial/Frontier/Backwater Worlds:Rare

Deep Void Station/Naval Installation:Extremely Rare



Helicopters require another appropriate vehicle to ferry them between a starship and a planet, or alternatively you might be able to cram them into a teleportarium one at a time.



Helicopters are an ancient and arguably totally obsolete technology, Guard regiments very rarely bother with them as their slow speed, light armor and poor carrying capacity makes them utterly inferior to craft like the Valkyrie. Their inability to deploy from a starship without a separate transport craft also presents an inconvenience neither the Guard nor Navy is usually willing to tolerate.


However Helicopters are immensely popular with underfunded PDFs, corporations and colonial governments as they’re cheap and flexible, often used to put down labor riots and minor rebellions or perform law enforcement tasks. Wealthy city or hive dwellers may keep one or two around as a means of personal transportation, fitted with custom luxury interiors of course. Helicopters also present an affordable way for a Rogue Trader to mechanize infantry, explore a habitable world or put a proper fear of the Emperor into primitive human or xenos populations.


I did a fair amount of research for these specifically they're modeled roughly on American military helicopters used in the Vietnam conflict.

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