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Last night squirmish or How I destroyed Lando on an asteroid

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The Two Squads:


Rebels (me):

- Lando Calrissian + Falcon Millenium + Nien Nunb (46)

- "Dutch" Vander + Ion Cannon Turret (28)

- Garven Dreis (26)


Empire (brother)

- Kath Scarlet + Marksmanship + Mercenary Copilot (43)

- Turr Phennir + Expose (29)

- Dark Curse (16)

- Academy Pilot (12)


The idea behind me Rebels squad was to get the most out of the pilots and their abilities.

Lando: Gives a free action after a green manoeuver and Nien Nunb makes "straight" moves green for even more green moves.

Dutch: After spending a target lock, let a ship at range 1-2 acquire a target lock.

Garven: Instead of dicarding Focus token, it can give it to a friendly ship at range 1-2.


The brother wins initiative.


You'll notice that our deployment zone is far from the edge of the map.  It's simply because his table is 42" so we decided to deploy on Range 2 of the template.



TURN 1 before movement




I deployed Lando on the far right so I can slowly move him in formation with the others and later use his ability to give free actions.  On my second turn I moved him at range 1 from Dutch which took a Target Lock free action.  Then on the combat phase Garven did his thing, spent his focus and gave it to Dutch.



Middle on the game, chaos in the center




Well, you can now see how two newbs manoeuvre around a map.  A pile of ships in the center which is the result of poor planning.  But having the Falcon, a 360 attack arc can help alleviate the poor movement choices I made.  But having Lando in the middle of the fray is not the best idea at all…


On the next turn




Wow Dutch…nice move! Having a ship in front of an asteroid like that, good job me!  No real apparent reason except my newb piloting talent.  In the meantime, Kath called Dark Curse on the mic and ordered him to shot at Lando with her which result in too many hits…my Falcon is down to 2 hull now.  On Lando’s turn, since he’s on the brink of death, shoots at Turr and destroyed that little nuisance.  And then Garven activates his pewpews and BOOM! Destroy the Slave I.  Good shot Garven!  Then a lone TIE hits LAndo again for 1 damage which drops the Falcon to 1 hull.



That’s what is left after last turn fight and after this turn movements




The Imperials are left with Dark Curse at full hull and an Academy Pilot with 1 hull left.  But due to (again) an awesomely ridiculous radish move of mine I manoeuvre Lando past an asteroid…and destroy him…/golfclap for me…



Last turn




Dark Curse VS « Dutch » Vander.  On last turn I inflicted 1 hit and 1 crit on Dark Curse.  The crit was a pilot one that lowered his pilot skill to 0.  My Y-Wing, with 5 hull left, only had to land 1 hit and it was over and that is what happened.  So it was pewpew on the heretic forehead!


A really tight game for me and the Rebels.  A victory that I would qualify as unworthy because I moved poorly around the map while my brother did his thing with barrel rolls and Turr extra movement after combat, often putting his ships outside my firing arcs.


But even if it’s not a worthy victory, it’s still a victory…

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