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Fortune and Glory/Objective Tokens

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Are objective tokens always identified as their colour? I ask this because in the majority of scenarios the rules will specify that an action or interaction occurs once the objective token is revealed, but that is not so for the reinforce step of encounter 1 of Fortune and Glory. Similarly Fountain of Insight describes the objective tokens as counting as red even when face down. I note this since usually when a token has been interacted with in the overlords favour a fatigue token is placed on it.

Essentially, the question is that since under the alarm step of Fortune and Glory it states 
"If there is a hero or monster adjacent to the revealed blue objective one ettin"
but the distinction between revealed and not revealed is not mentioned under reinforcements for the other tokens
"At the start of each Overlord turn, he may place 1 monster from the open group on the Entrance, 1 minion from open group adjacent to the white objective token, and 1 monster from the open group adjacent to the red objective token, respecting group limits",
may the overlord therefore reinforce from facedown red and white objectives? 

The trade off would be the heroes would know to avoid those tokens or not should the overlord start spawning out of there too early. This seems to be the intent since the monsters capable of spawning out of this group are particularly weak anyhow. The heroes are comparatively strong at this stage of the game (interlude) compared to the next two missions so again, this seems to be design.

I would email Justin if I could, since one of my group refuses to go on until we get something resembling an official ruling. Anyhow, thanks guys!

Are they playing this mission wrong

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