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Another Combat Variant - D2E dice

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Hey all! I love DungeonQuest, I still play DQ and each games are hilarious and fun...even when my Heor dies on turn 3.  Everytime we play is the same: we're having a blast until combat occurs.  I looked many places in search of a fun and simple combat variant.  I despise the official combat rules and the Official Dice variant is boring but a bit more "fun" than the card one (keep in mind this is IMO since I know some of you like the official combat rules).


I also play lots of Descent 2nd edition and love the dice synergies and overall combat rules of the game.  It's simple and effective and more importantly fun.  So I tried to create one using the D2E dice (1 set without the green die/dice from expansions) so here it goes.  Feel free to comment with constructive tips and ideas to make it better.


BTW, I tried my variant in many games and while it can go really well some other times, due to bad rolls/luck it can go astonishly wrong...which thought it was fitting for DQ :P



DungeonQuest Combat Variant

D2E Dice set





The active player rolls his dice pool and the player to his left roll the monster dice pool and follows these rules to resolve each attack:


General results:


-          If monster block all damages: Monster hit for 1HP

-          Damages done = Number of ♥ - ▼


Special results:


-          Monster roll “X” : The hero counterattack

-          Hero roll “X” : The monster counterattack

-          Both roll “X” : The attack is a stand-off

-          Hero roll 2 “~” : The hero performs a deathblow and deals an additional 2♥




- Brother Guerin                     (Unchanged)

- Challara and Brightblaze      (If you have 8 or more wounds, you cannot perform Deathblows)

- Hugo the Glorious                (Once per combat round if you roll an "X" you may reroll the blue die)

- Krutzbeck                             (+1 Wound if you inflict at least one wound on the monster)

- Lindel                                  (Unchanged)

- Tatianna                               (Unchanged)




- SKELETON:          

- WIZARD:               

- TROLL:                  ■■

- GOLEM :                

- RAZORWING :       

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I always enjoyed this game, but was never a fan of the official combat method. Even the official dice variant left too much lag time in figuring out the outcome of each battle. After coming across your variant, I ordered myself some 2nd edition descent dice(since my 1st edition weren't quite doing the job). This old favorite has been given a revival and it's actually fun to go through combat as well(though it'll likely mean a quicker death). Either way, thank you very much for making an old favorite even better.

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