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A few Pegasus Expansion questions

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I played the Pegasus Expansion for the first time yesterday, and of course we disagreed on how to interpret some of the rules. Could someone help me out?


1. How do the reckless cards work? Do you have to put down a reckless card before the skill check, or if there is a reckless card in the stack that is counted, does that count?


2. One of my friends played Kat. Does her stim junky disadvantage mean if she stays in the same space after she is XO'd, she has to go to sickbay? The card says from the beginning of her turn.


3. We were playing with 5 people, so there were 2 cylon cards. I got one during the first loyalty phase, and another during the second. I revealed before the midpoint. We interpreted the rules to mean that I was stuck with the second card, because I would have had to pass a hidden loyalty card right after I revealed the cylon card. Did we interpret those rules correctly?

Thanks for the help!

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Last question first:

It's on Page 7.  If you are a revealed Cylon at sleeper phase, you get your card, look at all your face down cards (in case you are Baltar, for example), and hand ALL your facedown cards to ONE player.

We usually have the Cylon look at their cards first, then pass them, then everyone checks their cards (to avoid the one person scrutiny).


As to Reckless:

Reckless cards are simple but cause confusion when the mechanic is introduced.


If you play a card ability that has "reckless" on it for its ability (they are generally played before a skill check because of what they do, like reducing the difficulty by 4), the check is now "reckless".   Often forgotten: Only 1 reckless per check (If more than one wants to be played, current player decides)


If any skill cards comes up in a "reckless" check that say "reckless skill check:", one of each type's effects happen.  A just "reckless" card means nothing when played into the check for its value, and "reckless skill check" cards are just points if no "reckless" cards are played before the check. 


If you want to use the "power" of a reckless card, you risk a reckless skill check incident.

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