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Millennium Falsehood

Detailed decal set

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Just as long as you're not using the stuff I already made.

No, I am making some simple aurebesh markings and some different logos for CorSec, Desilijic clan and Blacksun. I wish I could go into full detail the way you have.


I have been gathering measurements, researching logos that fit in the current timeline and trying to scale a set prior to print, I want to fill a sheet before I print.

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Okay, so today the decals were completely dry, so I repainted one of my X-wings a light gray which is lighter than the color it was painted before. When it was dry, I applied the decals, but they were about half the size they should have been. Ugh... I need to print out another proof, and this time remember to check for size.


*heavy sigh*

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I used to make custom decals for my 40K fellas. I would always print on to standard A4 and check for size, colour, etc first. Sometimes the colour looks different on your screen.

Also when applying decals. I always use Microsol and Microset. It's only a few bucks and is amazing. Particularly for surfaces which are not completely flat. 

I found custom decal paper could be a little thick sometimes. I would follow the following procedure (was a treat for Space Marine shoulder pads)

1. gloss varnish the area (makes a smooth surface). 
2. microset
3. add decal
4. after 2 minutes add microsol and with a damp brush, brush out wrinkles
5. repeat step 4 until satisfied
6. apply a coat or 2 of glass varnish (this coat hides the decal seam/edge)
7. apply a spray of matte varnish and weather as desired.

The end result looks as though the decal has been painted.

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Alright, I think these are pretty much done! Just a little tweaking of the sizes and they'll be ready for printing! :D


Here's how they look applied to a miniature:



There are a few things of note:


Black ink apparently doesn't like inkjet decal paper, which is why the cockpit of the X-wing looks like it has weird white markings on it.


You will need to use Micro Sol to get these to lay down over the nose and engine cans of the X-wing.


Some of the scratches you see in the picture were caused by my impatience. I should have waited longer on the ink to dry (I forgot it's supposed to be around two days for inkjet ink).


Anyway, once I modify the noses of all the X-wings and add in some battle damage and weathering markings, I'll make the PDF and then you guys can have them. :D

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Can you please explain to me what Canon and EU (think that was the term used) means? I've seen it a few times but have no idea what they mean...

Canon means from the films.

EU = (Extended Universe) this refers to the books and other media, but mostly books.



Kinda right.


As of now Canon consists of the following:


Episode I

Episode II

Clone Wars - animated series

Episode III

Rebels - animated series

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

All novels printed after "A New Dawn"

All Marvel comics printed after January 2015.


Everything else that was old Canon, which included the EU via Lucasfilms original acceptance, has been relabelled "Legacy" so when you see a copy of a novel with "Legacy" on the top of the cover you know it is no longer Canon.  Of course none of the Dark Horse comics are Canon any more.  Disney has said that all of that is still there for them to pull from in the future.  So if they want to add Thrawn, Mara Jade, Dash Rendar, TIE Phantoms, TIE Defenders, or any thing from the now none Canon material they can, and then it would be Canon going forward with it's current explaination of how it is added with none of the old material being added as part of Canon.


Basically most of what makes this game amazing was, by Disney, droppped as Canon material, but may see it's way back into Canon in the future.


As for now any of the old EU or old Canon stuff is like a really cool dream we can read, but know it isn't real.  But we all know the old saying of "Sometimes Dreams Do Come True".  So there is hope.

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I don't think we can thank you enough. These will be great. Now, while I know beggars can't be choosers-- I had a few hopes.


Would it be too much trouble to add some "in scale" logos (rebel, imp, scum)? I know you tried that on one of your test sheets-- but a few rebel seals for the wings would be great.


Would it also be too much trouble to add a genaric x-wing schema in a few alternate colors like green, blue, and yellow? I was thinking just the stripe line along the hull, and the wing art with 5 pips (wants a green two, then just cut out the other 3 ips): much like JBOT does his.


If not, that's fine. I'm sure photoshope can clone and tint once i figure out what those things mean.


Regardless, thank you! This level of detail was too hard for me to do with a brush, or a micropen, and not have it look like crud.





PS: Hey! At least I am not asking for droid markings in 1/270 scale!

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1/270 scale decals are NOT going to "sit down" easily. folks will have to get some microsolv or decalset. and then probably have to spray the whole miniature with mat or gloss to keep the decal edges from standing out. I work with smaller decals on 1/72 aircraft all the time and they can be as much as a pita as trying to freehand paint them in some cases. but its a great option to have for those that are not great freehand painters like my self. and at 1/270 I cant airbrush THAT good!! lol HMM that gives me an Idea!! I have a ton of extra decals i might have to rummage around and find some nose art stuff that might look good!! 

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Newest update.

sorry for the wash effect, the gloss cote is causing some flare.


Being dissatisfied with the wing decals I removed the old smaller ones and replaced them with newer larger ones, and reoriented them as I decided I wanted all Imp symbols to have the same facing

Put black tips on the wings and a walkway on the fuselage, then the district number on the bottom of the wings so they can be read when the wings fold.






More gloss cote and also a black bar on the bottom with the district Number in yellow. will put that up later, hopefully I can find a good stop sign so I can make a decal for that and use it on the bottom of the wings, and STOP in Aurebesh

Here is what I did with mine... the gloss is intentional, as I wanted that 'new' look for this project...



Thunderbird 4 was was always my favourite :)

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Sorry guys... been real busy with work, school, losing weight, and my second job as a starship modeler. I'm building the Enterprise Nil for a guy who wants the full monte, and that's sucked away a lot of my time. Not to mention all the other models I've been working on in the mean time. I'll try to work on the decals soon, though.

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You might see them pretty soon. ;)


I've been painstakingly resizing all the decals so they conform to the proportions of the X-wing and Y-wing. Currently the only ones left to resize are the cockpit and nose decals for the X-wing, as well as the yellow nose striping on the Y-wing. After that, I'll arrange them on the sheet in a logical manner, number them, then create a simple diagram showing you where they all go on the model.

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