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Custom Build Foam Core inlay plans for all expansions?

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I have all the expansions and aquired the 1st edition descent figures before they announced they would release them.

I have seen some awesome foam core inlays for the basic game but would like to know if anyone have seen a layout or have ideas for one for all the expansions.

I am thinking about a layout that you would be able to take out of the box and use when you play. So its all ordered for use for heroes or OL etc.
My main idea is to make a box with only tokens, cards etc. but no heroes. And then make a seperate box for the heroes with foam inlay etc. (Since I am converting them all and painting them). 

But anyone have seen a layout with all expansions or have ideas for what should be stored where for ease of use etc.? Maybe an idea for a layout for a small box for each player for storing between sitdowns/games.

All suggestions and ideas are appriciated.

(Ps. sorry for bad english it is not my main language).

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