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Deck building with CCG era cards

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I played a whole lot when CoC was a CCG game and stopped, for the most part, before it became a LCG game.  Around that time, my playgroup had pretty much dried up and FFG had said they weren't printing any more sets so I didn't try much.  When the game came out as a LCG, I picked up the core set and got a few (but only a very few) asylum packs along the way. Still, though, my collection is about 90%+ CCG era cards.  I've done some searching around and it looks like, as long as they are sleeved to prevent the appearance of playing with marked cards, I can play with the old cards.  Am I correct in that belief?  Also, can I use any of the old cards (assuming it's not included on some sort banned list)?  Or am I limited to only using CCG era versions of cards that appear in the LCG (e.g. Forest Sister)?  If there is such a limitation, is there a list somewhere that has the names of all the CCG era cards that were reprinted in the LCG?

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I have a lot of the old CCG era black-border cards as well.  Here's the deal on using them:


1.  Black-border cards aren't legal for any tournaments unless they've been reprinted in white-border.


To my knowledge, the only CCG cards that have been reprinted in the LCG format are from the Core set, Secrets of Arkham and a few of the Forgotten Lore cycle APs.  Go here to check.


I believe all the cards from the Core set and SoA are reprints (it might not be 100% but it's still a majority of them).  Unfortunately, I don't know of a list showing which cards were reprinted.


2.  If you include any black-border cards in your deck, you must use opaque sleeves.


Several players in my group own a sizable collection of CCG cards.  If they want to use any that have been reprinted as white border cards in a tournament, I also rule that they must inform the T.O.  The reason?  Some cards were changed when they were reprinted (Anthropology Advisor and Canine Guardian are good examples) so it's important to have a list of the changes on hand.  I'll put up a list of the altered cards and what changes were made.

When my group meets up for casual play, we sometimes have an "anything goes" day where players can use their CCG era cards.  For official events, however, they aren't allowed.


By the way, if you do play with your black-border cards there is a banned list floating around somewhere.  I'll see if I can find it.

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I believe this is the full list of cards that were altered when reprinted in the LCG format:


Anthropology Advisor

Gains +1 skill, Arcane, Investigation and "Investigator characters you control gain (I)".


Canine Guardian

Cost is now 2.


Hack Journalist

Ability now reads "Action: Exhaust and sacrifice Hack Journalist to choose a story and move all success tokens from one side of this story to another."


Norman Blackwood Jr.

Gains the Government subtype.


Professor Armitage, Old and White-bearded

Ability now reads "Response: After one of your characters or a Tome support card you control is destroyed, name a card. Reveal the top five cards of an opponent's deck for a copy of that card and discard it. Then, shuffle that deck."


Professor Rice

Gains the Faculty subtype, +1 skill, and Investigation.


Steven Clarney

Loses the M.U. faction and gains the Agency faction.


Visiting Author

Gains +1 skill.

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The CCG version of the game didn't have a restricted list, but it did have a banned list.


The following cards are banned from play:


The Rip-off (R82)

Rite of Passage (R14)

Secrets of Bubastis (R44)

Theosophist Meeting (R74)

Dream Summoning (R104)

Saturnalia (R134)

Born in the Spheres (R164)

Veneration of Apis (R194)

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I believe this is the full list of cards that were altered when reprinted in the LCG format:


There's more. Many of the cards from the first 4 CCG APs that have been reprinted in the Forgotten Lore cycle have been revised, e.g. Blood Magician, Nodens, Dreamlands Messenger, etc.


I'd recommend to check the LCG card lists over at CardGameDB:



But there's no reprints besides Core Set, Secrets of Arkham, and Forgotten Lore.

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I believe that 4 of the Forgotten Lore Asylum Packs were released as black-border cards.  They had 40 cards, with x3 copies of 10 cards, and x1 copy of 10 cards.  This happened right before the change over from the CCG to LCG format.  The packs in question are:


Spawn of Madness

Kingsport Dreams

Conspiracies of Chaos

Dunwich Denizens


Technically these 4 APs weren't part of the Forgotten Lore cycle as such a thing didn't exist when they were first released.  They were then re-released (along with 2 other APs, The Mountains of Madness and Ancient Horrors, to make the Forgotten Lore cycle) as white-border cards in the LCG.  Later on these 6 packs were given the 60-card treatment.

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