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Questions regarding The Twin Idols map

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Hello everyone.
I've recently acquired Descent 2nd Edition and we choose for our first play the Twin Idols map.
Some questions arose when we got to the 2nd Encounter of this map.
The main one being with picking up an Objective Marker. Are we supposed to treat these markers like all search markers, meaning, we can pick these up from adjacent spaces, or do we have to stand on them to be able to pick them up?
The second question that came up was with monsters carrying the objective marker. In the first encounter it said in the special rules that monsters carrying the Idol could only perform one action per turn. On the second encounter, monster have to carry a Totem. So we played with different rules and monsters could have the totem and perform two move actions. This lead to Lady Farrow just grabbing it, surviving the first attack turn and then just making a run for it. Is this as intended?

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