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Hobbit Trap Deck

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Made a secrecy Trap Deck, but not completely happy how it works. I have 2 cards to much, so I want to cut it down a little bit. Also looking for some suggestions how to advance it :)


Hobbit Trapdeck


Hero (2)
Sam Gamgee (TBR) x1
Pippin (TBR) x1


Ally (20)
Anborn (TBoG) x3
Dunedain Wanderer (RtR) x3
Ithilien Archer (EaAD) x3
Ithilien Tracker (HON) x3
Bill the Pony (TBR) x3
Keen-eyed Took (THoEM) x3
Warden of Healing (TLD) x2


Attachment (26)
Fast Hitch (TDM) x3
Dunedain Warning (CatC) x3
Hobbit Cloak (TBR) x3
Forest Snare (Core) x2
Ithilien Pit (EaAD) x3
Poisoned Stakes (TBoG) x3
Ranger Spikes (HON) x3
Resourceful (TWitW) x3
Boots from Erebor (KD) x3


Event (6)
Forest Patrol (AoO) x3
Timely Aid (TRG) x3


In general if I get one of my secrecy cards in my start hand, I will do oke, resourceful on pippen asap.



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If it's suggestions you want, here's a few:

With a trap deck you will want to know what is coming right?

So you will know what trap to play, if any.

Add scrying cards like: henemarth & risk some light.

Both are really powerfull, and risk some light is a perfect fit, as it is a secrecy card.

Drop keen-eyed took & erebor boots for them is my advice.

Also, forest patrol has almost never been useful while I've tried playing it.

It is a very occasional card IMO.

With all the trap you got to beat foes,I think you would struggle with locations?

I'd recommend adding some willpower boosting cards, like faramir.

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In a deck that has 26 attachments you will be wanting to have Master of the Forge x3, so i would drop keen eyed took.

Having 3 copies of some of the unique cards might be a bit much. i would probably only have 2 Bill the Pony in the deck and 2 Boots of Erebor for your Hp bonus if you feel you really need to buff HP. That would would cut 2 cards.

If you get master of the Forge going early, you will be grabbing lots of key attachments early, so you really don't need 3 copies of some cards like Hobbit cloak. 2 would probably be fine, probably the same with Poisoned spikes and Ithillien pit.

Also, Leadership resources are going to be piling up, so a copy of song of wisdom , could really help pay for the multitude of lore cards in the deck. I would then also drop in a burning brand if Sam is you main defender.

I would probably just swap out forest Patrol for Darons Runes, but if you want it in there for the trap theme then figure out how to get DR in the deck and maybe a protector of Lorien to be able to discard unique cards that become dead in your hand. A copy of PoL on Sam for an extra quest or def boost can be real handy at times.

A few more things. Ranger Bow! Perfect for your Ithilien Trackers. I would probably drop 1 Ithilen Archer. I would probably have 1 or 2 copies of Faramir ally in the deck. Awesome ally and will fit nice with the ranger theme in the deck. You cold probably drop 1 Anborn and 1 Wander to include him.

Hope that helps.

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We are changing half your deck here, but here is another.

How about dropping Dunedain warning? You already have hobbit cloak.

Gives you 3 more slots to add tracker1's recommended cards,which are good.

Lastly, how about steward of Gondor for pippin?

This will let you play all the expensive lore cards no problem.

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If your not finding pippin card draw working for you, i would try either, Bifur or Denethor. Bifur is real nice, because Sam can always give him a resource, you will be able to play a 2 cost card like Ranger spikes first round. Denethor as said above, could also be good, but you lose the 2 wilpower of the other options.

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You do loose will, but you gain a blocker and most importantly you get a way to scry the encounter deck.. witch is the entire point of a trap deck.

Denathor / Pipen / Dunehere is my choice for solo trap deck at the moment and can beat most sets with out breaking a sweat. I'm experimenting with Hirluin instead of Dunhere at the mo and the deck is really changing and not sure if ti si better, but it also dose very well

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Interesting hero combinations booored.

Would you mind posting the hirluin deck?

Dunhere easily seems like a good fit, attacking the staging area and all; yet I've always used spirfindel, and bifur instead of pippin.

I'm really curious here how you managed to get hirluin to fit in there though.

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As I said it is a bit of a experiment. Mainly due to the ability to cast outlands of any colour and has a native leadership resource for steward of gondor, CStone and Marks. This one works on Great Yew Bow attaching to him to turn him into Dunhere. It is slower to start as you have to dig the bow but when you get the set up ready it can handle much larger cards quicker, using traps to control the staging area while you wait, and it seams to score better in the long run. It uses Minstril to get song of battle. Still it is a bit clunky and can not handle the rwal fast starting quests... yet, but fun to try. I'll post a deck when I have played some more if you like, it is still in in every game it is tweaked.

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I mostly play with 2 more people, and that makes my draw work perfectly, I get almost all turns 1 extra card.


Forest Patrol works great, only bad thing about it, is that I can only put 3 of them in it :)

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