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Wu Ming

[Migrated] Sisters of the Void (Hivemindgoliath)

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This is the Sisters of the Void profile and plot hooks used in my games:

Sister of the Void (Generic Proflie)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
20 20 30 30 37 45 38 46 43

Movement 3/6/9/18

Skills: As GM wishes but definately the following: Common lore (Imperial creed / pilgrim), Deceive (or how to hide bad news), Inquirt, Medicae - first aid and 50% extended care, secret tonge (medicae), tech use (medicae items)

talents: Air of authority (medicae settings), armour of contempt, jaded, peer (other medicae / pilgrims), resistnce - cold and heat, Hidden secret

Armour: Robes, AP1 (primitive)

Weapons: Mercy blade (mono)

Equipment: D6 medikits / detox drug / 2d10 ration packs / pict recorder / feudal healer kits / dataslate

Notes: The Sister of the Void operates as an independent character serving the needs of Pilgrims and other travellers onboard ships. She asks for nothing in return, in return few in any captains refuse her passage or access to medical stores. Further more the penniless pilgrims she treats are ferociously dedicated to her ( as are any crew treated) and any assault or mishandling often results in a lynching of her assailant. She is one of few who can wander freely throuighout a ship with relative freedom.

Sisters have taken a vow of poverty and must refuse all offerings in person, although a donation is permitted - paid to the Sister via Dataslate into an account held by the Miserchord. Very little can frighten a Sister of the Void, the have seen it all, poverty and riches fail to impress her, all are treated equally. This has lead to much conflict on ships carrying both noble or high borne and penniless pilgrims.

The Sisters Hospitaller regard the Sisters of the Void as poor sisters and will often assist where able. They recognise that Sisters of the Void are a breed apart and some look for a sinister motive behind their apparent altrusitic motives - they are right in some cases

Hidden Secret Often the Sisters of the Void are women who have seen some of the horrors of the galaxy, often they are the cause and now they seek redemption for their sins. An example is a high born hiver who delibrately blinded all the children of her staff to prevent them seeing her beauty, for years ignorant of her crimes and revealing in her wickedness she continued to blind her staff, taking great pleasure in their pain. Then one day she was struck down, blinded and scarred by a misfiring pict recorder, she was reduced to her servants level. A plea to the Emperor restored her sihgt but not her beauty and with sudden and sickeng revalation all her wickedness was unveiled. Unable to tolerate her crimes she sought sanctuaray with the Sisters and for the last twenty years has served loyally and is utterly dedicated to her redemption.

Plot Hooks:
Injured Acolytes can seek treatment and will often receive the best in the star system from a Sister of the Void

The Inquisitor has a deep fondnesss for the Sisters of the Void after once receiving ministration at their hands when just an acoltye. As a result a large stipend is paid into the coffers of the Sisterhood. The Inquisitor has received notice that a Sister has been murdered onboard the Pilgrim ship Oriental Express - cue a murder mystery adventure.

As a contact the Sister is very useful, dedicated medical care and a ear to the ground of many thousands pilgrims and ship crew - even high ranking crew members and travellers.



One Sister is so popular that a large congregation is forming around her and her influence over the populous is growing as well. The =][= has sent the PCs to investigate for signs of corruption. There could be a small cell of corruption within the congregation or it could just be a false lead set up by the local leadership to throw a bad light on her works.

A Sister holds a vital clue/secret that the PCs need in order to pursue their current campaign.

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